Tarot + Lenormand Card Readings

Tarot + Lenormand Card Readings are Tarot Readings combined with Lenormand Readings. These readings give you an all-rounded perspective on your questions and situations which is the best of both worlds: deep spiritual insights from the Tarot cards combined with real practical actionable guidance from the Lenormand cards. This is the perfect recipe for finding answers to your questions!

Tarot + Lenormand Card Readings are available over Skype, Phone, Audio Recording, or In Person at my home in North New Jersey. 

Tarot Mentoring

Tarot Mentoring courses are for those who want to learn how to read Tarot Cards or learn how to do professional level Readings using various Tarot Card Reading Spreads.

If you need help with interpreting a Spread, or if you just need guidance to quickly resolve a bunch of learning queries, then just book a couple of hours of my time and I will guide you.

Tarot Mentoring sessions are available via Skype, Phone, or In Person at my home in North New Jersey.


I am Madhavi Ghare. Storyteller. Author. Tarot-ista. WordPress-er. Apple Fangirl. Mind Mapper. Bullet Journal-er. NOT a Coder. 

I live in Dumont, NJ, a cute little boro township in Bergen County, North New Jersey. 

I have been doing Tarot Card Readings since 2005, mentoring and teaching Tarot Card Readings since 2007, and reading with the Lenormand Cards since 2016.

Buy The Book!

Learn how you too can do an intuitive and engaging Tarot Card Readings!

Using the card images as your starting point, learn how you can use a simple Storytelling Technique to connect the dots within your Spread, and bring your reading story to life. A distillation of technique developed over a decade spent with the cards, this book will help you become an even better Tarot Card Reader that does amazing Tarot Card Readings!

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