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About Me

Madhavi GhareHi! My name is Madhavi Ghare. I am a Tarot card reader based in Dumont, New Jersey. I have been doing professional Tarot readings since 2006. I also teach how to read Tarot cards to students who want to learn Tarot.

Like many Tarot readers, my journey with the cards began when I went for a Tarot card reading. I found myself captivated and enthralled by the images I saw on the cards. Since then, I have pursued these pictures and their meanings and the more I get drawn into them, the more I find their subtle influences in my life. It has been those influences which have led to me taking steps towards making my life a wonderful and knowledgeable place.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

On this site, I write about my many experiences with the Tarot cards and how they have changed my understanding of life, you know, Tarot-ically Speaking. I also share about the different things I have learnt about the cards themselves, which have altered my perspective about looking at things in a totally radical manner.

I consider my Tarot cards my 78 best friends – these friends who never lie to you, and will always tell you the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may sound, simply because it is the truth and you have to see it.

And I hope that from these experiences, you too will learn and gain yet another insight into the images and symbols on the cards and deepen your knowledge and experience of the cards.

I also hope to learn from you, and share with you your journey within the cards and the experiences you have gained from your learning and life with them.

Together, we can create a better life, and chart a course for a journey towards a deeper understanding of Self and of the Conscious and Sub-Conscious minds with the Tarot Cards.