Tarot Reading Testimonials

Here are some of the testimonials I have received for my Tarot card readings. Do go through these Tarot reading testimonials before you contact me.


Amazing! Its all I can say to start with. I read about Tarot Reading on the net and landed up visiting a site where I read Madhavi’s name as one of the Tarot readers from Pune. I called her immediately and setup an appointment. She was very welcoming and friendly. That made me comfortable and the reading was easy. As she unfolded the cards and started reading them, it was like my past and my present were replayed in front of me, and some of the most secretive incidents too unfolded.

Madhavi is the only Tarot reader that I ever went to or will go to. A reading done by her is like a reading done by a very trusted friend. She tells us about the toughest incidents that have and will occur in a very pleasing manner and comforts our emotions. After having a reading done by her I took along my friends and they too were happy with her reading.

I wish her good luck and encourage the people interested in Tarrot to get a reading done by Madhavi. I assure you will have a wonderful experience.

Shridhar Dangety

Pune, India


Madhavi is a brilliant tarot card reader, I have done several readings from her in difficult and confusing times and her readings have given me hope and helped me tide over some of the most difficult times of my life. I regularly get readings done from her for the right direction in my life.

She knows her stuff and is a great tarot card reader. Many of my friends were also amazed by her readings. Great work Madhavi..keep it up!

Leena Parulekar

Pune, India


I met Madhavi when I was going through my worst phase. Though I had met her only for a Tarot reading, she comforted me more than anyone could at that instant. Her soothing demeanor and understanding nature made a lifelong impact on me. She continues to be a friend,guide,mentor even today. I do wish her all the success in life.

Anubha Sinha

Pune, India


I came across Madhavi’s website while searching for Tarot Card Readers in Pune in 2007. I wasn’t quite aware about what a Tarot Reading is all about, but the way Madhavi did the reading and explained the interpretation of each card, I was so amazed! Her insight about my situation even without knowing anything about me amazed me. I take readings from her periodically as I trust her readings a lot. She is the best. :)


Long Island, New York


I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Madhavi for many years now. When I needed her to do a reading for me (which was after she had moved to the U.S.), she was kind enough to agree immediately to do a telephone reading for me. (I didn’t even know that a remote reading across geographies was even possible!)

Those times were testing for me, and I needed someone that I could talk to and confide in — to an extent. I was amazed at the answers she gave me and the predictions to two of my questions came out to be true. This girl knows her craft, for sure! I am so happy to be a part of her inner circle and her proclivity toward her craft and excelling in it is something each one of us should aim for. Way to go, girl!


Hyderabad, India

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