Tarot Mentoring courses are for those who want to learn how to read Tarot Cards or learn how to do professional level Readings using various Tarot Card Reading Spreads. If you need help with interpreting a Spread, or if you just need guidance to quickly resolve a bunch of learning queries, then just book a couple of hours of my time and I will guide you. This is also a great way to see if we ‘click’ if you are considering booking one of the in-depth learning courses.

In the Learn Tarot Card Reading Workshop, you will learn all the aspects of the cards that I know. You will learn all that I know about the cards and spreads. Ultimately, you will be able to do readings for others, and with enough time and objectivity, for yourself. Plus, if you so choose, you will be in a position to start your own Tarot Card Reading Practice as well. To know more, check out my Tarot A – Z Mentoring Course below.

If, on the other hand, you are familiar with the card meanings but are struggling with doing readings, you can Learn Tarot Spreads with me. You will learn how to use simple and effective storytelling techniques to do an engaging and intuitive Tarot Card Reading. (I even wrote a book about this!) Along with this simple technique (you can watch the introductory videos here), you will also learn a bunch of my go-to spreads that can be used to address a variety of questions. And you will also learn a simple technique (introductory video here) to design your own Spreads as well. To know more, check out my Tarot Spreads Mentoring Course below.

Or, if you have a bunch of queries about Tarot stuff and Doing Readings, or you want help with interpreting a Reading that someone did for you (thank you free reading websites with generalized meanings!), then just book a few hours of my time and we can get cracking!  To know more, scroll way down the page to read more about booking Hourly Mentoring Sessions with me!

While all these Tarot Mentoring sessions may be a bit informal, they are quite informative, intense and intensive. These are one-on-one sessions where you get my focused attention. You benefit from my years of study and practical experience. Therefore, what you will learn is practicaluseful and thorough.

Tarot Mentoring Learn Tarot Reading Spreads

Tarot is a language of images and symbols. Each image and symbol unlocks numerous meanings and connections within the subconscious mind, and through them, links us with the Universal Consciousness. Seeing one’s past, present, and the future is thus a matter of being able to see and analyze the prevalent patterns in order to make ‘predictions’.

These ‘cards with images’ are one of the simplest gateways to understanding your own self. When you study the patterns of the events of your past, present, and future, you will eventually discover your true self, and ultimately, unlock your connection toDivine.

Ways We Can Connect Online

Ways We Can Connect

  • Skype / FaceTime 
  • Telephone
  • In-Person
  • For the Skype sessions you will need to have access to internet and webcam. That way we can see each other while talking to each other. 
  • FaceTime is a great option if you are an iPhone / iPad / Mac user. 😊
  • If none of these options work, we can still connect via Telephone. I have a Vonage phone, and am able to call several countries with the plan that I have.
  • If you live near Dumont, NJ, then you can just come over! I love talking Tarot over endless cups of Coffee / Tea / Green Tea. 😄

Tarot Mentoring Options : A Quick Glance

Tarot A-Z

The Full Tarot Learning Course
  • Perfect For:

  • Newbies.
  • Beginners.
  • Students looking to Learn Tarot Card Reading from scratch.
  • Course Duration

  • 20 Days X 2 hours per day = 40 Hours 
  • Course Contents

  • Knowledge
  • Introduction to Tarot + Brief History of Tarot
  • Your Tarot Cards
  • Your Tarot Life
  • 78 Cards : Images, Meanings, Stories.
  • Associations and Connections in the Major Arcana
  • Spreads
  • Introduction to Spreads
  • Tarot Card Story + Storytelling Technique
  • Framing Questions for The Reading
  • Spreads (from 3-Card Spreads to 18-Card Spreads)
  • How to Design Your Own Tarot Card Spread
  • Handouts

  • Major Arcana Associations (PDF)
  • Personality Traits of the Court Cards (PDF)
  • My Keywords for the 78 Cards (PDF)
  • Spread Layouts (PDF)
  • My Book (Kindle Version)
  • Mentoring Sessions

  • Unlimited Access

  • Tarot A-Z : The Full Tarot Learning Course

  • Fees: USD 525

  • Tarot A-Z : The Full Tarot Learning Course

  • Installment Plan
  • USD 262.50 X 2 months

Tarot Spreads

Learn How to Do Tarot Readings
  • Perfect For:

  • Beginners & Intermediate Students / Readers knowing basic Card Meanings. 
  • Tarot Readers looking to improve their Reading Skills 
  • Course Duration

  • 10 Days X 2 hours per day = 20 Hours 
  • Course Contents

  • Knowledge
  •  Introduction to Tarot + Brief History of Tarot
  •  Your Tarot Cards
  •  Your Tarot Life
  •  78 Cards : Images, Meanings, Stories.
  •  Associations and Connections in the Major Arcana 
  • Spreads
  • Introduction to Spreads
  • Tarot Card Story + Storytelling Technique
  • Framing Questions for The Reading
  • Spreads (from 3-Card Spreads to 18-Card Spreads)
  • How to Design Your Own Tarot Card Spread
  • Handouts

  •  Major Arcana Associations (PDF)
  •  Personality Traits of the Court Cards (PDF)
  •  My Keywords for the 78 Cards (PDF)
  • Spread Layouts (PDF)
  • My Book (Kindle Version)
  • Mentoring Sessions

  • Unlimited Access

  • Tarot Spreads : Learn How To Do Tarot Readings

  • Fees: USD 275

  • Tarot Spreads : Learn How To Do Tarot Readings

  • Installment Plan
  • USD 137.50 X 2 months

Mentoring Sessions

Hourly Lessons + Interpretations
USD45 Onwards
  • Perfect For:

  • Beginners and / or Independent Students who have queries that need quick, to-the-point answers. 
  • Interpreting Spreads for Readings done by you for yourself / another person for you / you did on one of the ‘Free’ Reading websites.
  • A trial session if you are considering signing up for the Full Course, or the Spreads Workshop.
  • No Astrology Questions

  • Because I don’t know Astrology. 🙁

  • Scroll Down for more options and to book your Sessions.

Tarot Mentoring : Learn Tarot Card Reading 

Start from scratch and work your way through various aspects of the Cards and Spreads. This course is the whole enchilada!

At the end of the course, you will be in a position to confidently start reading for others just like a professional, and even start your own independent Tarot practice. It may take some time and a bunch of objectivity to read for yourself, but you’ll be well on your way! Of course, if your journey is more personal, then you will be well equipped to dive deeper into the wellspring of wisdom and knowledge hidden within these beautiful images.

Learning Process : How This Works

You will start with learning about the basics of Tarot, and then learn the card meanings and the related concepts that include symbols, myths, psychology, astrology connections, and numerology basics. 

Then you will learn my special storytelling technique which will help you build reading stories from the cards. 

Armed with this technique, you will begin working your way up from 3-Card spreads to the complex 18-Card spread that was taught to me by my first Tarot teacher. You will also learn how to design your own Tarot Card Reading Spread.

The course also includes a bunch of handouts such as summary notes of the card associations, my own list of card keywords, layouts of all the spreads, and the Kindle version of my Book.

And if that wasn’t enough, (coz it never really is!), unlimited access to mentoring sessions with me, where we can talk Tarot — be it readings, interpretations, or other Tarot-life things.

If you don’t already own the Universal Waite Tarot Card & Deck, then you will need to order one for this class [via my Amazon Affiliate Link]. 

Tarot Mentoring : Learn Tarot Card Reading Spreads

If you are familiar with the card meanings and associations, but you find it hard to actually connect the dots in a reading, then this is the course for you. If you’ve struggled with bringing the card interpretations within a Spread into a coherent form that makes sense when you do your Readings, then you might want to give the Storytelling Technique a shot. Hey, I even wrote a book about it. 😉 Get ready to hone your reading skills and shine like the star you are!

Learning Process : How This Works

You start with learning my special storytelling technique that will help you create engaging and intuitive reading stories from the card spreads. Curious? Check out my Storytelling Technique YouTube Playlist for some basic intro to the concept! In the course, we go in-depth with the technique and see how you can incorporate it within your card interpretations. 

Then you will begin working your way up from 3-Card spreads to the complex 18-Card spread that was taught to me by my first Tarot teacher. You will also learn how to design your own Tarot Card Reading Spread.

The course also includes a bunch of handouts such as the layouts of all the spreads, and the Kindle version of my Book. 

And of course you get unlimited access to mentoring sessions with me to practice all that you’ve learned.


Tarot Mentoring Learn Online

Tarot Mentoring : Quick Lessons + Spread Interpretations

Tarot Mentoring : Quick Lessons

If you are a Beginner or an Independent student of Tarot Card Reading and you need a quick and to-the-point session to clear your doubts, or to get information about some specific cards, then this is what you are looking for.

Tip: To get the most out of your session with me, gather up all your queries in one place (or one page of your notebook) and email me. I can help you figure out how long it may take, and then you can go book your one-on-one session with me. This way, you won’t end up booking less or more time, and you won’t forget to ask me all the questions you wanted to ask me. 😊

Also, if you are considering going for one of my full-fledged Tarot Mentoring courses to Learn Tarot Card Reading or Learn Reading Spreads, then this is a great way for the both of us to explore and see if we ‘click’ with each other. 💗 

Tarot Mentoring : Spread Interpretations

If you are working with a spread and need some quick pointers on how to go about analyzing it, and even have me guide you while you do a reading with it, just book a Mentoring Session with me.

Or if you’ve done a reading for yourself (or gotten one from one of those free reading websites that chuck a whole lot of generalized meanings at you and then you are even more confused) — you need someone to help you interpret the reading. Just book a quick session with me and you’ll gain the clarity and peace of mind that you want.

What I Can’t Talk About

Astrology. Seriously. I am not an Astrologer, and I haven’t studied up on the various astrological connections of each of the Minor Arcana from the Tarot Cards. I am sorry, but I genuinely won’t be able to help you with that one. Sorry. 

How This Works

  • Book a one-hour session with me, if you have just a couple of quick queries. 
  • If you have a lot of them, book a 3-hour or 5-hour block with me, and save some $$s.
  • I can even make a custom time-block for you if you have a higher number of queries. Contact Me and we can figure it out. 

Book Your Sessions Now!

Contact Me if you want me to create a custom time-block for your session.

Please Select Your Session


You can use this form to write to me and let me know of your queries and questions. Ask me what I can do for you and how…

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Here’s what a few of my students had to say about their Learning experiences with me…

Madhavi is a wonderful teacher with contagiously positive energy. She expresses the most complex aspects of the cards in the most simple way. A card can speak volumes through symbols, images, and mythological context. She explains all of that. Most importantly, she allows you to go beyond the textbook meaning of the cards and help you make your own story. This helps in building a lot of confidence as a tarot card reader. I am warning you that if you become a student of Madhavi then be prepared to have a selfless friend in your life forever :).

Astral Luck

Tarot Reader, Vedic Astrologer


Madhavi, you are the best TAROT card reader and trainer and one of the most wonderful human beings I have come across in my life. I would sincerely like to thank you for all your help and accurate guidance when has not only helped me on my personal and professional fronts, but it has also helped me to change my perspective and make myself a better human being.

One exceptional quality which I noticed during readings is that you get into the minute details of the problem that the querant is facing and not only give the person answer to his problem but also guide, counsel and motivate the person to stand up firmly and achieve his goal irrespective of all adversity.

I consider myself privileged and fortunate to get the opportunity to learn from you.

Madhavi, you are simply excellent.


Amandeep Sikka

Software Developer.

Madhavi is such a wonderful teacher. She made sure that every class I took with her was not only very educational, but also interesting and fun.

Each day after my class was over I really felt like I had accomplished so much and had such a deeper understanding of Tarot.

Thanks to Madhavi’s patience and knowledge, today I consider myself a self confident, and intuitive Tarot Card Reader.

Laura Gilmartin

Tarot Card Reader.

I found Madhavi on Google as I was searching for a Tarot Reader. I was impressed with her blog. I had a reading done and I realized I wanted to take the class from her. She was very friendly and down to earth as she taught me through Skype. There was never a hesitation to a question and she was always open and constructive. She was willing to work around my schedule as I have little children, and she was always availble via other means of communication when necessary. After taking the class I was very satisfied and would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Tarot.

Lincy J.


I had always wanted to learn how to read Tarot cards. So when I met and spoke with Madhavi, I found myself wanting to learn Tarot reading from her. And it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Not only is Madhavi a wonderful Tarot teacher, but over the past few years, we have also become great friends. We have spent a lot of time doing a lot of readings together and I have learnt a lot from the hands-on approach she has with the cards.

With Madhavi’s guidance, I was not only able to become a professional Tarot card reader, but I also gained a lot of confidence to write articles about Tarot for a local newspaper and even participate in a Radio Show.

The cards have become an integral part of my life today, and it is all because of my wonderful Tarot teacher and friend, Madhavi.

Swati Kalbhor

Tarot Card Reader.

On a Budget?

If you are on a budget and prefer to study at your own pace, I have created a list of resources which might be helpful for you!

Here, I’ve outlined a step-by-step method that will help you steadily learn Tarot, and grow your knowledge while doing so. I have also put in links for the various resources that might aid / help you while studying. I hope that this list proves useful for you.


Learn Tarot on a Shoestring Budget Learn Tarot on a Shoestring Budget

P.S.: Most of them cost less than $20 each!


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