Tarot Card Reading + Lenormand Cards

My name is Madhavi, and I am a Tarot Card Reader based in Dumont, NJ. 

I’ve been a Tarot Card Reader for over 10 years, and I’ve been reading with the Lenormand Cards for just over 2 years. I like to think of myself as a student for and of Life, and my cards as my Best Friends. ? 

When I mix the Tarot and Lenormand Cards to do your Reading, I get to combine the deeper, wholistic guidance of the Tarot Cards with practical and predictive tones of the Lenormand Cards. You get the best from each system, so you can see your life path in a better, and take your decisions in a more informed manner!

If you want to discover what insights the cards hold for you about your life’s patterns and trends, if you want guidance when things get confusing, if you want to see how things are likely to work out — then a reading can often help you figure things out and make sense of complicated issues. Be it Romance, or whether it is about your Career choices, tune into the vibes of the Universe through a Tarot Card Reading, and see what your situation is all about in the bigger picture of your life. 

You can get your Tarot Card Readings via Audio Recording, Phone, Skype, FaceTime, and of course, In Person.


A Tarot Card Reading is a process of consulting with the Tarot cards (often via a Card Reader), to gain insight on general or specific questions or situations.


Order Your Tarot Card Reading

Please Choose Your Reading(s)

If this is your first time with me, then (Hi! ? ) just scroll down a bit and read through the information about the Tarot Card Reading process etc., before you order your reading.

1: Ways We Can Connect for a Tarot Card Reading

  1. Audio Recording Reading: This is the method most preferred by my clients. You will receive a download link for a folder that contains the Audio Recording of your reading + pictures of the Spreads I did.
  2. Video Call / Skype / FaceTime: We can figure out a mutually suitable time based on our time zones. Mine is EST (the same as NYC).
  3. Phone: Same as video chat readings.
  4. In-Person: This will be at my home in Dumont, NJ. I will email you my address. You will need to be able to climb down (and later, up) one flight of stairs. You can pay me either by cash or card.


  • An audio recording of your Tarot Card Reading + spread pics will be provided for each reading, regardless of how we connect.
  • There is no additional charge for the audio recording. 😍
  • Please download and save the recording and pics on your computer. I usually clean up the files from the server every 6 – 8 months.

Time Zones etc…

My time zone is EST – the same as NYC. Also, I normally do readings during the day time. I do not read cards after Sunset. Please keep this in mind while you figure out a mutually workable time.

2: Asking Questions for Your Tarot Card Reading

There is really no limit to the type and kind of questions that you can ask the cards. Literally! Your questions can cover areas of your life such as Work, Relationships, and even Spiritual. All you need to know is how to ask those questions — with the cards, it is all about asking the right questions!

Have a look at my article about Framing Tarot Card Reading Questions for simple guidelines.

As your Tarot Card Reader, it is also my job to help you figure out the questions — so if you have any difficulties, you can just share your situation with me, and I will help you figure out the questions.

While figuring out your questions, bear in mind that your questions don’t:

  • Invade Another Person’s Privacy — we can figure out a question where you can get to what you really want to know without doing so.
  • Involve Death-related Predictions — because I am not and never will be in a position to make such claims.
  • Cover Topics that I’m Uncomfortable About — trust me, this happens. And I will tell you if it does. And we can still figure out how to reframe / repurpose the question to get to what you are really trying to find.


Know that your Readings will be totally confidential. I naturally do not remember what I say while I’m in my ‘Reading Zone,’ as I like to call it. I like to think that this is the Universe working in its mysterious ways helping me to be a better Tarot Card Reader for you. 💖 ✨💖

3: Approximate Time Needed for Your Tarot Card Reading

Tarot + Lenormand Card ReadingsKeep these time frames in mind while figuring out how much time to block out for the reading, in your calendar. Of course, these are approximate times that I’ve figured out over these past years as a Tarot Card Reader. 🤓

  • GR + 2 Questions : about 1 hour
  • GR + 3 Questions : about 1.25 hours
  • GR + 4 Questions : about 1.5 hours
  • GR + 5 Questions : about 2 hours
  • GR + 6 Questions : about 2.25 hours
  • GR + 7 Questions : about 2.5 hours

Note: GR = 10 Card General Reading 😊

Do give yourself a few minutes extra in case the reading goes on longer, and to give yourself a few moments to absorb the reading before you get back to your day.

4: Step by Step...

  • Choose the Reading you want from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the ‘Add to Cart’ button.
  • If you are ordering more than one reading, then click on the “Continue Shopping” link on the top right of the page, and you will return to this ordering page. Then select the other reading you want to order, and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button like before.
  • Choose either PayPal or Credit Card as your payment option.
  • Note: If you are ordering from India, and want to pay via Card, I strongly suggest using a Credit Card that has been activated for International Transactions. In case your transaction can’t be processed, I won’t be able to do your reading. You can contact my students and fellow Tarot Card Readers in Pune, and other places in India, as well as in the NJ / NY area, in other parts of the world.
  • Follow the steps and make your payment. Don’t worry. The transaction is secure. And I don’t see any of your details.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will be sent back to a page on my site which has the Reading Information Form.
  • Fill up the form with your reading preferences and reading information and questions.
  • If you are ordering a Reading as a Gift, then follow the relevant instructions on the form.
  • Once you click ‘Send’, this form will be emailed to me, and I will get in touch with you within 24 – 48 hours.

5: What Happens Next...

  • Within 24 to 48 hours, I will email you and let you know when I’m going to be doing your Tarot Card Reading. (I try to be efficient and do readings within 2 days of getting the information.)
  • 10 Card General Reading LayoutIf you’ve booked a video chat / phone reading, then I will let you know of my available time slots.
  • The reading usually begins with a 10-Card General Reading where we cover about a month or so of the Past, Present, and Future, respectively.
  • Then we move on to the questions. Using both, the Tarot and the Lenormand Card Reading Systems, we can explore each question to discover the answers and guidance the cards have to offer.
  • Give yourself a few mins before and after the reading so you aren’t rushed for time in case the reading goes longer, and also to give yourself a moment before you get back to your day.
  • Once your Tarot Card Reading is done, I’ll upload the audio recording and spread pics to a folder and send you the download link to that folder via email.
  • Please save the files on your computer. I usually delete them from the server every 6 – 8 months. 


Here’s what a few of my clients have said about their experience while doing a Tarot Card Reading with me…

Amazing! Its all I can say to start with. I read about Tarot Reading on the net and landed up visiting a site where I read Madhavi’s name as one of the Tarot readers from Pune. I called her immediately and setup an appointment. She was very welcoming and friendly. That made me comfortable and the reading was easy. As she unfolded the cards and started reading them, it was like my past and my present were replayed in front of me, and some of the most secretive incidents too unfolded.

Madhavi is the only Tarot reader that I ever went to or will go to. A reading done by her is like a reading done by a very trusted friend. She tells us about the toughest incidents that have and will occur in a very pleasing manner and comforts our emotions. After having a reading done by her I took along my friends and they too were happy with her reading.

I wish her good luck and encourage the people interested in Tarrot to get a reading done by Madhavi. I assure you will have a wonderful experience.


Wow! Your reading is incredible – thank you! That was such an insightful and helpful reading, and so thorough. I can’t thank you enough!


I listened very intently to your reading. I have to be honest with you. I cried during your future romance reading. Your reading was so spot-on!


Wow! You have given me a lot to think about! The reading now makes me prepared for what will probably happen, and I will remember the old saying “when one door closes, another opens”…..Thank you once again for your reading. I used to read the tarot and am re-learning much through your website. Your points all make sense to me and I have made many notes!


Many thanks for detailed reading and sharing it in audio clip format.

All points suggested are indeed true and I can relate it to pattern of events taking place over last 2 years.

Last three cards about theme, lessons and guidance have provided valuable insight and it does require reading between lines to comprehend message.

The explanation or advice given by you in guidance section through harmony card is something I am looking for. You have put it through appropriate words and thus I have got conceptual clarity to some extent now.


You always surprise me with your readings because you tell the story like you are living it with me. I agree with everything you found. This reading makes me nervous and excited at the same time. 

Thanks again for providing me with this guidance. It was much needed!!!! 


Thank you so much for the reading. 🙂

What you said made sense. Frankly, I need to listen to it again and I will of course, as there is lots of very good information to ponder on. Thank you so much Madhavi! You’re excellent! 🙂 I will keep coming back to you. For now I’ll reflect on the reading and try to do my best. 

Would love to meet you for my next reading in person. ?


Thank you so much for such a thorough reading : ) You are truly gifted and I appreciate your sensitive positivity. Cheers, dearheart!


I met Madhavi when I was going through my worst phase. Though I had met her only for a Tarot reading, she comforted me more than anyone could at that instant. Her soothing demeanor and understanding nature made a lifelong impact on me. She continues to be a friend,guide,mentor even today. I do wish her all the success in life.


Thank you very much for solving my worries and doubts.
I really enjoyed the reading. Your voice is very calm and the guidance you interpreted from the cards is very useful.
I used to think that Tarot cards are driven by some unknown dark force but now I have a new positive view.
I had not really good experience with a tarot reading in the past. The tarot reader upset me a lot and was not able to calm me down. I was feeling that I gave power to her.
But this time, I am glad that you gave the reading in a calm manner when you talked about the sad past of mine.
The best thing is that you are really willing to perfect your reading by listening to the feedbacks. Not many readers are willing to admit they made a mistake.
Sure I will tell you how things work out. When I walk there, I will know what is there on the road.
With the guidance you gave me and the guidance of my heart, I am sure I will be on the right path.
Thanks again. Keep in touch!


Thank you so much for the reading. You are gifted. You have a pure soul. I can feel it. I’m most grateful for your teachings and wisdoms. Everything resonated with me. Everything you said was true. There were at certain moments where I couldn’t help myself but cry because you were really reading what is going on in my heart and head. I am very grateful for the chance to meet you and to have the privilege to learn from you. You’ve touched my soul. 


Thank you so much for the reading. And so quickly! Your intuition is phenomenal.

I have listened to my heart and the response is loud and clear. 

Thank you. You are amazing! I will definitely be in contact again very soon and will let you know how things develop! 


I just finished listening to your reading for the second time.  There was so much to digest and understand that I plan to listen to it many more times to fully grasp and analyze the info.

I do want to tell you that this reading was so in-depth and so thorough and made complete sense to me.  The reading itself is bringing me peace of mind and therefore some of the joy I am seeking. 

Thank you again for your kind words and the excitement you shared as you did the reading!  You made it a pleasure to listen to!  Your excitement was contagious and really made me smile.


Wowee – loved your reading – amazing insight, humanity and compassion in your delivery of your your comments!

Firstly – I loved the tone in your voice – I was hooked from the start…

I got the Tower card a few days ago (yuk – I’m not a fan) and googled various meanings and came across you in tarotically (like the name) and something in what you said resonated – hence I acted on a ‘heart’ impulse and booked a reading with you.

I also keep getting the 4 of cups card – and, interestingly, both the tower and 4 of cups turned up consistently in various aspects of your reading…!

So – lots of great stuff. Fabulous cards at the hand of a guru reader… You!

I’ll need to digest everything properly but want to say a huge THANK-YOU for the time, thought, insight and honest delivery of this reading … It’s ‘a kind of magic’ (as the Queen song says!)

Well Wishes Always…


I came across Madhavi’s website while searching for Tarot Card Readers in 2007. I wasn’t quite aware about what a Tarot Reading is all about, but the way Madhavi did the reading and explained the interpretation of each card, I was so amazed! Her insight about my situation even without knowing anything about me amazed me. I take readings from her periodically as I trust her readings a lot. She is the best. 🙂


You are VERY VERY talented.  You’re reading i think was accurate.  Yes you were spot on… I must say its kinda scary…. But very interesting. My thoughts are : YOU ARE AMAZING.


Hi Madhavi, first I have to say I want to be your friend for life, you have such a beautiful presence , so warm and caring.I feel happy listening to you. Ok the reading. You hit it on the head 100% it was all correct. I am absolutely like what you said I was. Everything you’ve said was absolutely on the mark. Thank you so much. I needed to hear all of this.


Thanks a lot for your reading. You explained it so beautifully. I feel like I can see the bigger picture clearly.


Thank you once again for being so patient with me. I’m so glad I came across your website. Truly..some people are put on this planet to help other people out. I believe you take your job as one of them, very seriously 🙂 Will let you know how events pan out. 


I love, love, love you.  What an absolute gem you are.  I could listen to your reading over and over again. I am moved to my core with your acute perception, deep wisdom and even your delightful lightness of being.

Big hugs for now, you charming being.  


Thank you very much… Your reading was extraordinarily accurate. Trust your intuition as the connection you made was really good. Thank you for your effort and energy. Thank you for the tarot you chose… The imagery was really speaking to me… Very creative and emotional. 

Btw..I also have a Tarot deck and my card is the Queen on Wands…astrologically speaking I am fire and air , wands and swords …:) passion and intellect… You were so spot on!

I am really humbled by your gifts.

Nice to connect to you.


I received you links and opened all of them.  I have listened to your audio about 4 times.

You are so right on and helpful.

It helped me to recognize how angry I have been and still am.  I didn’t want to look there.  I am now.

I appreciate your advice about keeping my cups full.  I know this is true. I can feel it.  I will keep taking care of myself, so I can take care of him. You were right on.

Thank you for your empathy.  It touched my heart.

Thank you for your help.


Thank you so much for such extraordinary reading. You made me feel so calm and gave me confidence to battle what’s ahead of me. 

Thank you again. For your time and this has to be the best reading I’ve ever had 🙂



I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing Madhavi for many years now. When I needed her to do a reading for me (which was after she had moved to the U.S.), she was kind enough to agree immediately to do a telephone reading for me. (I didn’t even know that a remote reading across geographies was even possible!)

Those times were testing for me, and I needed someone that I could talk to and confide in — to an extent. I was amazed at the answers she gave me and the predictions to two of my questions came out to be true. This girl knows her craft, for sure! I am so happy to be a part of her inner circle and her proclivity toward her craft and excelling in it is something each one of us should aim for. Way to go, girl!


A lot of the things you told me make perfect sense!


Thank you for the reading. It was pretty enlightening. Your interpretation of the cards was accurate in many ways. However, with you reading and encouragement I will plan and take the right steps into bettering my job and schooling. I will definitely keep you posted.


I thought about your Reading I’m very impressed.


I just had an opportunity to hear the reading you sent me and it was AMAZING! The capital letter sort of amazing! You were spot on about a great deal and quite a bit of what you talked about resonated with me. Thanks for the compliment regarding the wording of my questions! 

Overall, you were very insightful and insanely accurate! I will definitely be in touch in the future! Thanks so much for the reading! 


Thank you soooooo much for your patience today in interpreting what you heard and saw.  I was so satisfied and fulfilled that you let me ask my most burning question at the end.  The one I was a little afraid to ask.

You have empowered me to push forward and I LOVE the card below.  I do feel that she represents me and finally I understand a little better that I do not need to fight the leadership role that I have assumed.

I am going to review all the information that we discussed and move forward, happy and feeling more empowered to make a decision, whatever it is, as the right one.

I will keep your contact info – you will get an update!!!!  🙂

All the best to you and your family also…


Thank you for doing the reading for me. 

The Lenormand cards are whimsical, playful and simply gorgeous. The imagery goes well with the Sun and Moon deck as both are artful and contemporary. I am glad that you have included it in my reading. It does a good job enhancing the tarot reading in a simpler form. The answers from the Lenormand seems more direct.

I really like how you did the general reading. You gave a story of the past and also relating the heart and mind. All the things you said about me, my thoughts and feelings are very accurate. 

Thank you once again for doing the reading for me.


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