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Tarot Card Reading

I have been reading Tarot cards on a professional level since 2006. I can do your Tarot card reading online or over the phone. A Tarot card reading can be an immensely useful method of understanding what is going on in your life right now, and gaining guidance about the future.

As such, the Tarot cards are an immense tool for reaching into and understanding your self and your sub-concious self. And of course, you can also find out about your future with them. No matter which approach you may have towards life itself (a destiny-based approach or a free-will based approach), the Tarot cards are sure to provide you with a lot of guidance and information to help you succeed along that path.

Tarot and I

Tarot Card Reading is a very intuitive and creative process. In this wonderful process, I always think of myself as a Translator or an Interpreter.

The Universe holds all the answers, while the client has all the questions. The Tarot Cards function as a language – a means of communication between the Universe and the client. And my role is that of a Translator / Interpreter – where I help the client to understand what the Universe is trying to tell him / her via the unique symbol-based language of the Tarot Cards.

Tarot Card Reading: How It Works

I can conduct your Tarot Card Reading in-person, over the telephone, or via email.

For an in-person Tarot card reading, you can visit me at my home in Dumont, NJ.

Alternatively, I can do your reading over the phone. When you request a reading via email, I make an audio recording of your reading and send you a download link via DropBox. You can then listen to your reading on your computer.

Tarot Card Reading: The Components

Typically, your reading begins with a General Spread, where we get a fair idea of what is going on in the NOW. We also talk a bit about the Recent Past, the Present and the Future.

Then we move on to your specific questions. These can be questions which were not answered in the General Spread. We can also take a deeper look at some of the issues which were presented in the General Spread.

Tarot Card Reading: My Charges

I believe that if something is given away for free, most people do not appreciate its value. So is the case with a Tarot Card Reading.

While one cannot put a value on the guidance provided by the Cards, I have chosen to place a value on the time and effort that I spend during the reading. Naturally, as the questions asked of the cards increase, the time spent increases.

For a General Reading combined with 2 Questions, the fees are $35.

For a General Reading combined with 5 Questions, the fees are $70.

You can order your reading from here as well. Just select the reading you want, and make your payment via your PayPal account or Credit Card.

Select Your Reading Options

For any other specific / specialized readings, which involve more than the available number of Questions, please Contact Me and we can discuss the best way to go about it.