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Tarot Card Readers In NJ / NY

NJ / New Jersey is a huge place (relatively speaking), and you might find some areas close to where you stay, especially when you want an in-person Tarot card reading. You can then visit these amazing Tarot card readers in NJ / New Jersey and NY / New York.

Here are the contact details for some of my students who are based in the the NJ (New Jersey) and NY (New York) who are professional Tarot card readers.

Tarot Card Readers in NJ (New Jersey) / NY (New York)

  • Gayatri Jadhav
    • E-Mail: gagsgayatri [at] gmail [dot] com
    • Lives in: New Brunswick, New Jersey
    • Phone: 1-732-306-8996
  • Laura Gilmartin
    • E-Mail: miazul [at] aol [dot] com
    • Lives in: Rockaway Beach, New York
    • Phone: 1-718-318-1805

You can contact them directly either via e-mail or via phone and set up an appointment with them.