Tarot Card Readers In India

I have been lucky to meet some really amazing Tarot card readers in my life so far. Here is a list of these amazing Tarot card readers in India that I have met and interacted with. You can contact these Tarot card reader colleagues who are based out of India who are fantastic Tarot card readers.

Tarot Card Readers In India

These are the contact details of some of the other Tarot Readers I know in India. These are NOT my students. But they are fantastic Tarot Card Readers and you can contact them if you like.

  • Kriti Surjan-Thepade
    • E-Mail: kritisurjan [at] gmail [dot] com
    • Lives in: Hong Kong / Pune / Jabalpur
    • Phone: +8-529-260-2271
  • Lakshmi Nair
    • E-Mail: lakshmivik [at] gmail [dot] com
    • Lives in: Bangalore
    • Phone: +91-984-509-8320

You can contact them directly either via e-mail or via phone and set up an appointment with them.

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