Storytelling With Your Tarot Cards

This is the third article in my series ‘Connecting with your Tarot cards’, where we talk about telling stories with your Tarot cards.

Storytelling by itself is not something new or strange for Tarot card readers. Every reading by itself is a story for the reader to tell – especially when the person you are reading for is a complete stranger.

However, in the learning process, or when you are trying to connect with your Tarot cards in the first place, this storytelling exercise can not only enhance your reading skills, but will also help you connect with the cards on a much deeper level.


A Card A Day

A Card A Day

This is the second post in my series of articles that talk about how to go about ‘Connecting With Your Tarot Cards’.

In the previous post, we discussed how to use Journaling with your Tarot cards to get connected with your Tarot cards. Another process that you can use to get connected with your Tarot cards is called ‘A Card A Day’.

This process can also be used in conjunction with the Journaling process that we looked into in the previous article.

So, without any further ado, lets find out how we can connect with our Tarot cards using the ‘Card A Day’ method.


Journaling With Your Tarot Cards

This series of articles was inspired by an interesting conversation I had with Krissy over here. Thanks Krissy! 🙂 Here is the first article in the series: ‘Connecting With Your Tarot Cards’.

Connecting with your Tarot card deck can often seem like a very difficult task, especially if it is your very first Tarot card deck. But this can even happen to experienced Tarot card readers who are trying to connect with a new Tarot card deck.

In this post, I am going to talk about the method that I like the best: Journaling.


Do Tarot Card Readings Really Work?

Every time I tell someone I am a Tarot card reader, the first question that they ask me is: “Do Tarot card readings really work?”

While this question does bring a lot of snarky, smart-alec-y answers to my mind, I normally try to explain some things to these people. I thought I might just share my thoughts over here…


Reading Tarot Cards for Total Strangers

As a professional Tarot card reader, I often end up reading Tarot cards for total strangers. And I am not ashamed to admit that these are the kind of readings I like to do best.

I find it somehow simpler to read Tarot cards compared to either reading for myself or for friends and relatives.

Lets talk about why it is easier to read Tarot cards for total strangers.


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