As Tarot card readers, all of us, at some point of time or the other, might have gone through a situation when your client doesn’t believe in your Tarot card reading.

As a Tarot card reader, you know you have done the best you could in that reading, and told the client the stuff you saw in the reading. And yet, the client refuses to believe you.

How do you handle such situations?

Today, lets talk about such scenarios, their causes and how you can go about handling a situation when a client doesn’t believe your Tarot card reading.

There are many different reasons why a client wouldn’t believe your Tarot card reading. And handling the situation in such a scenario would depend on that reason.

Therefore, lets look at the reasons and how you could go about handling such situations.

The Client Can’t Relate To The Tarot Card Reading

This happens when the client doesn’t connect with stuff that you have said in the reading. This can happen once in a while. The cards are talking about stuff that is so abstract that the client can’t relate to what you have said. And in some cases, neither can you!

What I Do

In such readings, I just come clean to the client. I just look at the cards, then look at the client and ask him if he can relate to the reading at all, because I find the stuff to be pretty abstract.

Usually, when I have done that, the clients have ended up smiling at me and agreeing.

Then I just ask them to think if such situations have occurred in their lives recently. And most of the times, they do think of something. That is a great opening for them to give me some detail about the scenario, and then, suddenly, everything in the reading just starts making sense!

The Logic

Since I am not some Psychic-type of a person, I can’t ‘see’ the client’s life when he walks in. Therefore, some information that kind-of gets me my bearings can and does go a long way in the better understanding and explanation of the reading.

The Client Denies What You Have Said In The Tarot Card Reading

This happens when the client doesn’t want to accept what you have said in the reading. He is in a state of denial. Perhaps the reading contains stuff that he doesn’t want to talk about right now. Or it contains stuff that he doesn’t want to face or accept.

What I Do

I just tell the client that if the cards are showing this, then something along these lines has pretty much happened. Perhaps if he is not ready to face it, then the cards are indicating that the time has come for him to do so.

If at that point the client still doesn’t want to accept it, then I just offer to stop the reading.

Many a times, these ‘dire consequences’ have had my clients come out and accept the truth.

The Logic

It doesn’t make sense to waste my time and the client’s time doing something that he doesn’t want to do at that time.

The Client Doesn’t Want To Accept Any Outcomes You Have Predicted In The Tarot Card Reading

This is self-explanatory. Often this is accompanied by readings that aren’t full of very positive outcomes for the client.

What I Do

Usually, when I see stuff that isn’t positive, I have to to strike a balance between being truthful and putting things across positively.

I am not saying that this is an easy thing to do. In fact, it is quite the opposite. But over the years, all I can say is that I have gotten better with it. Such readings aren’t ‘happy journeys’ for me either. But I do try to put a positive spin on things.

In fact, as time has gone by, I have seen the silver lining in many a negative-ish cards. And I always point that out to the clients.

I do believe that such an approach has often made a big difference in the way the clients perceive the situation for themselves.

The Logic

No one likes to hear a negative prediction. But life is not always a happy ride. Negative and positive things are bound to intermingle. But sometimes perspective makes a huge difference. Just looking at things from a different point of view can change the way you approach a situation.

And conversely, if the person who is delivering such news to the client (-ie- the Tarot card reader) delivers this news with a positive twist and in a hopeful vein, then it makes a lot of difference to the person who is listening to the message.

Your Turn…

What about you? Have you had clients who haven’t believed your reading? What was the reason? How did you handle it? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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