Repeating Cards In A Tarot Reading

Repeating cards in a Tarot card reading are quite an interesting and common occurrence. During the course of a single Tarot card reading, the Tarot reader often ends up doing several spreads to answer the different questions that the client might have. And a card or two (or sometimes three) can often pop up repeatedly across those spreads.

Today, lets find out about the significance and meaning of these repeating cards in a Tarot card reading.

Doing a Tarot card reading is not a simple scenario. Clients often have a number of questions that span a variety of areas of their life. Naturally, it makes sense to do a different spread that will guide the client for each of his / her questions.

While doing these spreads, many Tarot readers might have observed the occurrence of repeating cards. Sometimes, these cards pop up in questions that relate to the same scenario, but many a times, they pop up even in spreads done for unrelated scenarios. This can seem a bit overwhelming and confusing for several Tarot readers.

Even in my own experience, I have seen the phenomenon of repeating cards happen in many of the readings I do for clients. As usual, I rely a lot on my intuition to guide me when this occurs. More often than not, I have seen that the first interpretation pretty much applies to each of the appearances made by that card.

Repeating Cards in a Tarot Reading: What Do They Mean?

Here are some of the things that I have seen with respect to repeating cards in a Tarot reading:

  • The presence of repeating cards in a Tarot reading pretty much implies that the meaning / interpretation specified by that card is being emphasized over and over again.
  • The cards are trying to tell the client that this situation / scenario is going to have a lot of weight in the events that are being described in the spreads.
  • If the card describes a situation, then the repeating card might signify that this situation will be a major turning point, or central scenario and the other situations described by the reading will be influenced by it.
  • The repeating card’s scenario might also help identify the time frame when other related or non-related events described in the spread will occur.

Repeating Cards in a Tarot Reading: Examples and Explanations

Let me explain these above mentioned thoughts with examples.

  • JusticeIn one of the readings that I was doing for a client of mine, the Justice card (↓) popped up repeatedly across the different spreads. Most of the questions that he was asking were about his relationship and his career. Now, the Justice card often talks about taking decisions, and acting upon the decisions that were taken. But when the card is reversed, it implies either that the decision was not being taken, or in this case, the client was not acting upon the decision that he had taken. As the card kept coming up (and in the same reversed position) over and over again, I ended up addressing the issue with him face-to-face. He admitted that the interpretation that was being emphasized was true. I ended up explaining to him, how his inaction was leading to the other events that were coming up across the various spreads I did for him. Of course, I left the eventual action taking to him – it was, after all, a personal choice for him. But to me, it seemed as if the cards were screaming out and telling me that most of his troubles and hurdles in life were primarily caused by his inaction with regard to his decision. And if he didn’t take the action, his life would be caught up in a loop of repeated cycles, till he learnt the karmic lesson that he was supposed to learn: acting upon a decision that he had already taken.
  • 4 of WandsSometimes, as I have mentioned above, the repeating cards can tell you that a particular situation in your life is going to bear a lot of weight over the next few months. In this reading, the 4 of Wands card was coming up repeatedly for a client of mine. And of course, she told me that she was all set for a visit out of town, where she was to attend the wedding celebrations of an old school friend. Over the course of the reading, I did a couple of spreads for her, mostly to do with her career. And the 4 of Wands kept popping up. I just said to her that something very interesting, especially with regards to her career, would occur during that time. A few weeks later, my client called me up. She sounded pretty excited as she told me about a very interesting job offer that she had received after she had met someone at that wedding!
  • The EmperorRepeating cards can also be indicators of time – especially when they are Major Arcana cards that are associated with a particular Sun Sign. Of course, this aspect of their interpretation might not work for everyone, but sometimes, my intuition is my best guide in such scenarios. Well, we all know that the Emperor card is associated with the Sun Sign Aries. And Aries time is between the 20th of March to the 20th of April. During a reading for my client, the Emperor card popped up in his General Reading. And when I looked at it, all I heard inside my head was ‘Aries Time’. It didn’t say anything else, so I just let it go and talked about the other cards surrounding it, and told my client that all those events described by those surrounding cards were most likely going to occur in Aries time. Then, the client asked me his other questions, and I went on to do a couple of more spreads, where, of course, the Emperor card popped up again. Thus, as far as time frames went, I pretty much stuck to Aries time! :) Well, after Aries time had come and gone, my client called me up one day, just to tell me about all the interesting things that had happened to him in the month of April (which was Aries time!).

All these interesting anecdotes will, hopefully, help you to judge for yourself how repeating cards can stress upon the situation / time that they are showing. Of course, you might have had other experiences – which is absolutely perfect! That’s how the cards work! :) They speak to each one of us in a language that we understand!

Your Turn

Did you also have similar experiences in your readings? Do you often have repeating cards pop up in your spreads? What have they ended up signifying for you? What do you do when you see a card come up repeatedly in your reading?

Please, do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.


  1. Very interesting! I just took those repeat cards as a sign that their particular message was important and the main message … however, you have gone far deeper. Thank you for your insights!

  2. Yes, repeating cards do signify that their particular message is important, but yes, it does go far deeper than that… :)
    Thanks Gina! I am glad that you liked it.. :)

  3. The fool card has come up in 3 separate readings and I’m trying to figure out what its trying to tell me

  4. Hmm… Maybe, something to do with new beginnings perhaps? That is the basic message of the Fool card, right?

  5. I’ve repeatedly had the two of cups lately in a love/partner related question. The thing is, we’re practically at the point of breaking up. So why this repeated card? Intrigued.

  6. It is certainly interesting… The 2 of Cups is all about relationships – especially, the beginnings of the relationships.
    What was it that brought you closer? What was the beginning of your relationship like? Perhaps the cards are trying to tell you to re-create those times / days / feelings?
    Maybe the cards want you to recall those times – perhaps some clues to why you guys are this point in your relationship may be found in those memories?
    What does your intuition tell you when you see that card? Pay attention to that – that intuition will guide you towards the right approach.
    Try meditating on the 2 of Cups for more guidance and help.

  7. Thank you, it’s all rather confusing. I pulled the lovers card as well the day after I posted this. It’s almost like the cards are making fun of me for turning to them so frequently lately! Another repeated card is strength. I’m finding it quite frustrating as I’m convinced he’s my soulmate but he’s being reluctant to sort things out. I’m unsure whether to give up or stay determined (devil reversed this morning!) Previous cards prior to this blip have been the ten of cups and other happy cards. Men! Thanks again. Xx

  8. Doesn’t the Devil Reversed also tell one to free oneself from the bonds?
    Just my 2¢s… :)

  9. I’m not sure if this post is still active, but I seem to be repeatedly getting the Emperor card in questions involving a particular person. I am curious, as my intuition suggests that this person has traits of the Emperor. But my second guessing of myself (reading for myself is always a bit tricky) has me wondering if it’s popping up constantly for another reason?

  10. I would say trust your intuition. The first thought is always correct.
    However, if you still have doubts, look at your life objectively. Do you feel that you are lacking the Emperor traits (ie Discipline, hard work etc) in your life? If so, then along with your intuitive reaction, the repeating Card could also be giving you that message.

  11. i was not playing tarot cards, but just regular cards with a friend. i kept drawing the ace of hearts. a lot of really strange, unexplainable things started happening too ever since that first night. for a while i was scared, but i’m used to it now. please trust me we were both freaked out, but i have good reason to believe the ace of hearts has significant meaning for me. i have no idea where to turn for help. any ideas?

    i would also like to add they were not trick cards and it has happened on different decks as well. thanks for reading!

  12. Hi Jen,
    The Ace of Hearts corresponds to the Ace of Cups in the Tarot deck. That card (Ace of Cups) stands for all sorts of situations where emotions are all over the place. This can be in both very happy and very sad or very emotionally moving situations. That card can come up in those type of situations.
    Based on what you’ve written, maybe you had experiences that evoked those kind of heavy-duty emotional responses from the situations? I can only guess at this point, but the Ace of Cups can often show such scenarios occurring.
    And yes… When a card comes up repeatedly, its like the cards are telling you to pay attention to that point more and more.
    Hope this helps.

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