Reading Tarot cards for friends, family members, strangers and even yourself, is a process in itself. However, once you get going, one of the things you begin to wonder about is how to increase the accuracy of your Tarot card reading.

While there isn’t a quick-fix method to increase the accuracy of your Tarot card reading, there are some ways (its a process really) in which you can slowly, but surely, get to that point.

Over the years, reading Tarot cards for all kinds of people has given me a deeper insight into the various facets of human life and the human psyche. Plus, I have always considered my intuition to be the strongest guiding force, especially while doing readings. These tips and how-tos have been born purely from those experiences and insights. So, without any further ado, lets dive right into the heart of the matter.

Here are a few ways in which you can increase the accuracy of your Tarot card reading:

1. Frame The Questions Correctly

Before you ask a question of the cards, it is very important to frame the question properly. Improperly framed, confusing questions can give confusing answers. Literally.

For example, if you ask the cards a question like ‘Will I get a job?’, chances are they are going to tell you that you will – because, essentially, at some point you will get a job. But then, you still remain confused: will you get the job today, or tomorrow, or next month or next year? So if you modify the question and instead ask the cards ‘Will I get a job in the next three months?’, you stand a chance of getting a clearer answer.

In my experience, if you want to ask the cards a question that involves a time frame, then it is best to include the time frame in the question. Open ended questions often aren’t a pathway for getting precise, accurate answers.

Go deeper with Framing Tarot Card Reading Questions.

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Yes! This is the best way to get your psychic muscle going! The more you exercise your reading skills, your intuition, and your psychic muscle, the better they are going to get. And yes, there are ways to get this practice. They are:

2.1. Reading For A Variety of Clients

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The more different types of people you read for, the better you are going to get with your reading accuracy. Different type of people mean dealing with  / handling different kinds of energies, questions and situations. This kind of variety ensures that you get an all-round Tarot reading experience. And yes, this will help increase the accuracy of your Tarot card reading.

2.2. Reading For A Variety of Situations / Scenarios

More of the above, really. Read cards for people who have questions about a variety of situations / scenarios. That way, you get to know how to handle / tackle the reading – maybe you are just using the same spread, but your search for answers has a different flavor, and so you get more familiar with the flexibility of the spread you use. Giving yourself a variety of questions to read for also helps remove the repetitiveness from readings.

personality perceptions
For example, if you just keep doing relationship readings, and then one fine day a client walks in with a career related question, you might find it tough to shift your mind towards that question. Hey, it happened to me once! After a spate of relationship readings, I had a client who was focused on his career. Took me a few seconds to bend my mind, but yeah, I realized that I was starting to get stuck in a rut!

Let your mind remain flexible – and to do that, take on different questions to do with different scenarios. This will not only improve the accuracy of your Tarot card readings, but will help you remain open to all kinds of questions and scenarios as well.

2.3. Be Perfect With A Few Chosen Spreads, And Then, Try Something New

Let there be a few spreads that you know inside-out. For example, I use 3 spreads most often to answer most of the questions that are put to me during readings: one is the Bird Spread which I use for the General Reading, and then I have a 7 card Horseshoe Spread, and a Yes-No spread. And yes, I know these spreads so well, that I lay them out without thinking – they are as instinctive as breathing.

But then, I do find a few innovative spreads here and there, and I keep a clipping / print out / drawing of it in my spreads folder, you know, just in case I need them some day. And then one day, the right situation with the right question pops up, and I get a chance to use that spread! Once I do the spread a couple of times for a couple of different clients, I become familiar with the spread, and may experiment with it a bit more. All this experimenting surely helps improve the accuracy of your Tarot card reading.

2.4. Adopt Creative Reading Styles

Oh yeah! This makes the reading ever so interesting – both for you as a reader, and also for your client. Sometimes, it might even be a great way to ‘dazzle’ your client too! This is a call that you as a reader need to take. Some clients are more than happy to try something creative, while some clients aren’t really open to it. As I tell my students, your intuition will guide you in this decision.

In my experience, I have met both kinds of clients – those who are open to creative readings, and those who aren’t.

There can be a number of creative readings that you can do in these cases, and I feel that as a reader, you have to be open to experimenting with such readings as well. As such, these readings are very interesting, and help you to expand the focus and approach of your reading style, giving you a unique perspective on the reading question(s) that you are handling.

3. Client Feedback

Speak Aloud
This is also a very important aspect of getting to improve the accuracy of your reading.

Many a times, as a reader, you do your reading and the client goes away. It isn’t often that a client calls you back to let you know whether what you said in the reading came true or not. So, I tell all my clients to keep in touch and let me know how things work out. Still, I also follow up with them to find out. Naturally, if some things are to happen after some time, then you will find out after that time. But getting that information is very useful.

Feedback, both positive and negative, can help you understand where you were on the right path and where you weren’t. In my experience, the times where I have let my logic rule the argument over my intuition have been the times where I went off. 🙂 Sometimes your logical mind will tell you that such-and-such an event has no probability of happening, but your intuition is screaming at you that it will. At one point, I began telling the client what is going on – I told them that my logical mind says this, and my intuition is saying that, and lets see what happens. And then I got my feedback – whatever my intuition had said was what actually took place. After a number of such experiences, I have stopped doubting my intuition, and just tell my logical mind to remain in the back seat – not an easy task – but  it helps!

Your Turn…

What different things have you tried to improve the accuracy of your Tarot card readings? Did any of these tips / ideas help you? Are there some other ideas you have that have helped improve the accuracy of your Tarot card readings? Do share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below.

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