When I read Tarot cards for my clients, many of them often ask me how frequently they should get their cards read. Especially because many of them want to know about how things are shaping up, or how things will happen once they have had their readings.

And I always tell them to wait a while before getting another reading done. In fact, I always advise people not to do their entire reading too frequently.

Many have asked me why I say that. My answer for their question depends on several factors.

In today’s blog post I will try to explain my ‘logic’ for all those answers. 🙂

Getting your Tarot card reading can often be a really informative scenario for many of you. Not only does it reveal what is going to happen, but it also tells you how things will unfold.

Give It Time To Happen…

Naturally, all these things will take place over a period of time.

It is my belief that one should let that time go by – let events take place the way that they will.

If you keep looking into the cards or any other medium while things are taking place, you might even disturb or disrupt the way things shape up. To paraphrase a thought process from Quantum Physics, sometimes the observer can affect the observation, changing it dramatically. [Strikethrough: 16 June 2016]

[16 June 2016] I believe when I wrote the paragraph above, I ended up creating quite a distraction – this point confused many people. Although I posted the explanation (below), there still is no end to the amount of confusion it caused. So, I made a video where I’ve explained my thoughts. Scroll down below and watch it before you post your comment / email me with your questions about this topic. Please.

[Edit Added 4 Jun 2015:

Sometimes when one is too eager for a certain outcome, it is possible that in one’s eagerness one can do things to affect the outcome negatively. Hence, for many cases, I suggest waiting and watching.

I have seen examples where in the case of a relationship, too much eagerness from one side has totally changed the outcome of the reading. In such cases, despite a favorable reading, the prediction went awry.

However, there are some cases where taking positive action may seem like a good thing to do. For instance, in the case of a job search, it would be great if one kept on applying to various jobs. The right job will probably appear as a result of this search.

Therefore, depending on the sort of outcome one is expecting, and the sort of outcome that has been predicted, one must use logic and rational thought to decide whether it would be beneficial to wait and watch, or to take positive action.]

No, Really… How Many Details Do You Want?

It is a truth universally acknowledged 😉 that no matter which kind of divination system one is using, it is highly impossible to get a minute-by-minute analysis of what will happen and how it will happen. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to keep looking into the cards for a blow-by-blow look at the future.

Besides, a minute-by-minute analysis really serves no purpose at all – unless you really like watching Matrix re-runs in slow motion! Then I can’t help you much… 🙂

What About Free Will?

I have strong faith in the concept of free will. I truly believe that it is possible to change one’s future. Therefore, if one looks into the cards all the time, it can even cause confusion.

If you are trying to change a particular outcome and want to keep checking on your progress, then I suggest that you do it over a longer period of time, rather than a shorter period of time. Doing a reading everyday won’t really help much, and will only serve to confuse you more.

[Edit Added 4 Jun 2015: See the extra content I’ve added before.] [16 June 2016: Also see the video below.]

Are Ya Lost?

As it is, the cards are only signposts along the way – they guide us, and show us the directions, inform us if we are going in the right direction, and even point us in the right direction if we are not.

Would you like it if your car GPS gave you detailed instructions for every mile that you are driving? Or do you like it better when the nice lady inside the GPS tells you to take that turn a few minutes before you are supposed to? Think about it.

So What Should You Do?

There is a very specific way to address this issue. And this will change reader to reader.

Most Tarot card readers almost always start out with a general reading where they will assess the here-and-now situation of their client.

Typically, this reading also reveals a bit from the past and a bit about the future – because the past events have led to the present situation, and the current scenario (if left unchanged) will create a higher probability of a particular future scenario.

Consider this: how much of a period does this cover? Does your future outlook look generally at a couple of months, or a year or so?

For example, when I do my general reading, the future outlook usually looks at an overall period of 2 to 3 months. So when a client asks me when he / she should come back for another reading I generally suggest a 2 – 3 month time period in between two readings.

Another situation is when I do a reading that covers a longer time period. For example, when a client of mine wants to look into his career growth and progress over a year, then I suggest that he can come back and check up on the progress after say 10 to 12 months – thus giving enough time for things to transpire, as it were.

So How Frequently Should I Get A Tarot Card Reading?

Here’s a quick rule of thumb: ask your Tarot card reader. Especially when you are getting a reading done, see the time period that your reader is looking at. And this should give you ample guidance to decide when you can go in for the next reading.

However, if in the interim some other issue crops up which you had not looked at before, then do feel free to consult your Tarot card reader right away.

The Video

[added 16 June 2016] This blog post gets all sorts of attention, and so I ended up making a video where I answer some of the most commonly asked question. Have a look.

Your Turn…

I do hope that this article has helped clear your doubts and answered your questions. I might have missed out on something, or you might have something else to add to these thoughts.

Whether you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, it would be great if you could leave me a comment below and I shall most certainly try to answer it.

Edit: This blog post gets a lot of attention.. And its awesome.. But so many of your questions are similar to the ones I’ve answered before. So, just so I don’t clutter up the comments section, I often end up not making them live. Don’t take that in a bad way. Please, just go through the comments that I’ve already answered over here — in all probability, I’ve already answered a question similar to yours over there.

[16 June 2016]: Or just watch the video above. Please.


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