How Frequently Should You Get A Tarot Card Reading?

When I read Tarot cards for my clients, many of them often ask me how frequently they should get their cards read. Especially because many of them want to know about how things are shaping up, or how things will happen once they have had their readings.

And I always tell them to wait a while before getting another reading done. In fact, I always advise people not to do their entire reading too frequently.

Many have asked me why I say that. My answer for their question depends on several factors.

In today’s blog post I will try to explain my ‘logic’ for all those answers. :)

Getting your Tarot card reading can often be a really informative scenario for many of you. Not only does it reveal what is going to happen, but it also tells you how things will unfold.

Give It Time To Happen…

Naturally, all these things will take place over a period of time.

It is my belief that one should let that time go by – let events take place the way that they will.

If you keep looking into the cards or any other medium while things are taking place, you might even disturb or disrupt the way things shape up. To paraphrase a thought process from Quantum Physics, sometimes the observer can affect the observation, changing it dramatically.

No, Really… How Many Details Do You Want?

It is a truth universally acknowledged 😉 that no matter which kind of divination system one is using, it is highly impossible to get a minute-by-minute analysis of what will happen and how it will happen. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to keep looking into the cards for a blow-by-blow look at the future.

Besides, a minute-by-minute analysis really serves no purpose at all – unless you really like watching Matrix re-runs in slow motion! Then I can’t help you much… :)

What About Free Will?

I have strong faith in the concept of free will. I truly believe that it is possible to change one’s future. Therefore, if one looks into the cards all the time, it can even cause confusion.

If you are trying to change a particular outcome and want to keep checking on your progress, then I suggest that you do it over a longer period of time, rather than a shorter period of time. Doing a reading everyday won’t really help much, and will only serve to confuse you more.

Are Ya Lost?

As it is, the cards are only signposts along the way – they guide us, and show us the directions, inform us if we are going in the right direction, and even point us in the right direction if we are not.

Would you like it if your car GPS gave you detailed instructions for every mile that you are driving? Or do you like it better when the nice lady inside the GPS tells you to take that turn a few minutes before you are supposed to? Think about it.

So What Should You Do?

There is a very specific way to address this issue. And this will change reader to reader.

Most Tarot card readers almost always start out with a general reading where they will assess the here-and-now situation of their client.

Typically, this reading also reveals a bit from the past and a bit about the future – because the past events have led to the present situation, and the current scenario (if left unchanged) will create a higher probability of a particular future scenario.

Consider this: how much of a period does this cover? Does your future outlook look generally at a couple of months, or a year or so?

For example, when I do my general reading, the future outlook usually looks at an overall period of 2 to 3 months. So when a client asks me when he / she should come back for another reading I generally suggest a 2 – 3 month time period in between two readings.

Another situation is when I do a reading that covers a longer time period. For example, when a client of mine wants to look into his career growth and progress over a year, then I suggest that he can come back and check up on the progress after say 10 to 12 months – thus giving enough time for things to transpire, as it were.

So How Frequently Should I Get A Tarot Card Reading?

Here’s a quick rule of thumb: ask your Tarot card reader. Especially when you are getting a reading done, see the time period that your reader is looking at. And this should give you ample guidance to decide when you can go in for the next reading.

However, if in the interim some other issue crops up which you had not looked at before, then do feel free to consult your Tarot card reader right away.

Your Turn…

I do hope that this article has helped clear your doubts and answered your questions. I might have missed out on something, or you might have something else to add to these thoughts.

Whether you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions, it would be great if you could leave me a comment below and I shall most certainly try to answer it.



  1. Hi,
    Im a 33 year old woman who had a tarot reading done about 4 months ago and it was my first experience with this type of divination. I had specifically asked the tarot reader not to tell me anything negative if she were to see something. This reading has left me totally confused and very anxious since because all of the negativity that came out of her mouth and im wordering if what she told me will come true. She even foresaw what i will happen to me at the age of 60…can she look that far…and how do i know if she was a fake…this reading definitely didnt help make clear decisions and i never asked any questions either..Please help!!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for asking me for some guidance…
    First off, I would like to say that sometimes if negative things do pop up in readings, a reader simply cannot avoid not talking about it… If, lets say, the Tarot reader hadn’t told you about it, and then negative things had come about, then you would probably complain as to why she didn’t give you fair warning if in case she saw it… It is a very tough position for any Tarot reader to be in – and believe me most of us have been there – on either side of the reading table.
    Secondly, there are some things, which I personally believe, can be changed with the use of one’s free will.. It is up to you to understand what, among all those negative things, you can avoid or change, and you can change them.
    As for whether the reader was genuine or fake, well, only time can tell.
    What I can tell you with a certain amount of practicality is to take everything with a grain of salt and be pragmatic in your approach towards the guidance that the reader did give. If some things that she said did come to pass, then you can take the other stuff as guidance, and work towards ensuring that you use your free will in order to create a much better scenario in the future. In my experience, I have seen many people who have taken such a practical approach and change their negatives into positives.
    Another thing I would like to say here is: you can see the stuff she said as totally negative and let it psych you out, OR, you can turn it into a guidance and use it to create your destiny and chart a path where you might not run into those obstacles.
    Also, as far as whether she could see as far as what will happen to you at the age of 60 – well, sometimes intuitions happen. Maybe she got a ‘feeling’ about it…
    Also, just to be clear, since I don’t exactly know what the reading was all about, most of what I am saying is just a genuine but generalized guidance.
    Hope it helps you see things better.

  3. Hello my name Is Christina I had about 2 readings in the last month. The first one felt a little fake to me, some things he said was true but he asked me too many questions.. I was told they are not suppose to ask you questions, they’re supposed to know!! Well my second reading was more in detail but similar to what the first reader told me…so far the stuff that the second reader told me came true within a week, but the third thing she told me hasn’t happened yet and it’s something that I think about a lot because it means do much to me (I’m very impatient). I made some mistakes trying to get it to happen quicker.. Will this ruin it from happening?

  4. Hi Christina,
    Your comment made me smile … Not in a bad way, just in a way that means “I’ve seen this before…”
    Let me address your concerns one by one…
    About the reader asking questions: this can happen, and it is perfectly ok to ask questions. Readers are human too, and not all of them get psychic visions about their clients. Sometimes asking questions can also help understand the stuff that is coming to the reader intuitively… Helps them put the intuitive flashes of information in context and tell the client what they see…
    As for the part where you say you’ve made some mistakes trying to get things to happen quicker, and whether it will prevent the desired scenario from happening: Well, honestly, this is truly something that you need to figure out. Let me explain why. I believe that all of us are somehow involved in the creation of our destinies – whether they’ve been predicted or not. So, it also stands to reason that by changing the variables of the equation, it is highly likely that the outcome might change. But then, you need to consider all the variables in that equation. If all of them have changed, then the outcome will most likely change. But if these variables have changed in such a way that they balance each other out, then it is also likely that the outcome just might be the same.
    Since I don’t really know the details of the situation, I can only say that if you’ve ruined things really bad, then things might not happen as expected. You might see another outcome. But then again, things might not.
    I would genuinely suggest not worrying and not wondering about this outcome, and just being patient and seeing what happens. Sometimes impatience can also cause problems…

  5. I did my Tarot reading in the month of February and then in the month of March. I asked the same question twice and the first time everything that i asked about someone was positive and then later we have some drifts within us so i took a second opinion in the month of March, the second reading was totally negative… i am just confused whether the first reading was correct or the second (as i kept on saying negative about that person to the tarot card reader) please suggest

  6. Hi Sonali,
    Thanks for writing in.
    Well, from what I read, your first reading was positive, but the actual results weren’t so great. And then you had a second reading which wasn’t all that promising – so now you are confused which reading was more accurate.
    Based on what you’ve described, it seems as if the second reading was more on track because it closely follows what is happening in your life, right?
    But you probably don’t want to hear that.. :)
    What I can honestly suggest is look at every reading you do as a guidance and not as a declaration from the Fates. The cards are meant to tell you stuff that can help you grow as an individual, and help you understand the known and unknown factors that surround every situation in your life. This helps you approach those situations in a better way than you would’ve under normal circumstances.
    Did either of the readings give you such pointers? What have you overlooked in your quest for hearing just the answers? Did you want to hear just a particular answer? These are certainly things to ponder about…

  7. Hi,

    I have gone to three different people to read me my cards and two of them have about been on track of what i happening in my life husband left and with somebody else but time to time he would tell me he loved me. But one card reader would tell me good things happening in my ex-husbands life with his girlfriend in his future and she wouldn’t tell me anything about my future and if i will ever be happy. Second card reader in first reading told me positive things happening in my life and will be happy again and not to take back my exhusband as he was not the same man i married. A month later went back to the second card reader and told me mostly about my husband that he was being worked on by the lady he is with and she is trying to dominate and control him and he has done many things to me that he was being forced to do by somebody else. That we can be happy again if i fight for him and defend him against these evil people that want us apart. I do think that somebody has done something to us to seperate us but i am confused now to her first and second reading since things have not been going good for me and i really didn’t see a future for myself since i am so heartbroken for a year and some months. I don’t know whether i should really fight for him or not since he seems to have so much hate towards me but then he will tell my kids to tell me he loves me. He also goes to get his cards read almost every month or more and he is being told many things about me, some lies and some truths, is there a way i can block anything that card reader tells him about me. and do you know anything about witchcraft, how long does it take to wear off.

  8. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here…

    To be honest, relationships like this are a bit tricky to talk about, even if one knows all the ‘facts’.
    Again, I would stress on the fact that the cards can provide you with tons of guidance, but they will often reflect what you are thinking of more strongly at the time of the reading.

    From what you say about your ex-husband, it seems like he is giving you all kinds of confused signals. Or, he might be saying that he loves you in front of your kids so that they don’t get affected by the negativity of his relationship with you. Either way, he seems to have moved on. Why don’t you do the same?
    I understand that it can be very difficult, but it is not impossible.

    As for your question about witchcraft etc, I would like to be honest and say that I genuinely believe that unless you let someone hurt you, they can’t hurt you – no matter what method they may use. Make yourself stronger from within, so that no negative energies of any sort can even come close to you.

    Apart from that, I don’t practice in such ‘arts’, so I can’t quite give you any advice on the same.

    Hope you find the clarity and guidance you are looking for…


  9. Hello,

    I recently had four different readings done, I had a bad break up with my ex on April 23. I talked to a spiritual friend who said that he was wrong for taking the car we got together, but that I would find out something he did and it won’t hurt so bad, the only that comes to mind is that he lied about not wanting to be with me anymore…she didn’t have his b-day..OK so wanting to know more just from someone different, I came across a online free chat, the first person from the chat said that we would have a second chance between the two of us and it wouldn’t be til the end of this June, a couple days later I asked somewhat the same thing and was told that they didn’t see any romance, time is needed and could start out casual about that we weren’t done for good…..those two from the site i did give his birthday…..OK….the third I did today I asked about finding work, they said I will have a NEW and COMMITTED relationship and that LIKELY it could be someone I will work with, this one I didn’t give his b-day, is this LIKELY that was their opinion on who and where, cause I REALLY, REALLY want my ex back, I know I need to be patient and let him be, I haven’t talked to him, but could I have already messed up something???? I feel the NEW and COMMITTED relationship could still be with him, can it????? any advice PLEASE?????? Thanks:)

  10. Sorry, but after I asked about work I asked about love and that’s when they said about the NEW and COMMITTED realtionship, I didn’t give his b-day…..thanks

  11. Hii,
    Okay so I went for my first reading in the month of july maybe. It was a very impulisive decision without any much thought given, so whatever she told me then seemed sort of real, and made sense. She gave me initials of some person that I’d meet later in life. Possible initials, however now in november when I went again everything was opposite and different than what she had said earlier. About my career, my love life, my future. I personally think she didn’t put much effort in it this time, but even the initials were changed and when I asked her about it she said there are 6 possible initials 3 she gave last time, ar this time. She told me to wear a stone called Green Aventurine? Is it helpful, do you know? I’m so confused.

  12. Hi rminty,
    Hmmm.. Based on what you say in your comment, I see that your Tarot reader is giving you different information each time…
    To be honest, I can’t much guide you on the initials of the names and the gemstone bit – because I don’t ‘get’ those kinds of things in my readings… (You could Google green aventurine, I guess to get more information about its usefulness)…
    But… here’s what I feel…
    Your first reading resonated with you a lot, whereas the second reading did not. Also, from your message I got that whatever your reader predicted hasn’t happened as of yet… So, I suggest that you go with the reading that felt most right, i.e. the first one.
    The way I see it, the future is a result of a variety of actions that you take and do not take in the present. Therefore with your free will you can change your future to a certain extent… So, if we assume that both your readings were right at each point of time, then it might be that in the time between your two readings, things may have changed with you, your approach towards events and incidents, or something along those lines, which may have caused the changed reading.
    Or else, like I said before, just go with the reading that resonated with you the most.
    And wait, and let the future happen. Give it time. Be a bit more patient.
    Taking a reading again and again, or going from reader to reader doesn’t accelerate time and make things happen any quicker than they are supposed to.. :)

  13. Hi Shalanda,
    Sorry for such a late reply.. Your message somehow slipped past my email and other notifications… :(
    I read through your message a couple of times to understand what it was all about… Here’s what I got: You want your ex back, and different readers are giving you different readings for your question. One says yes, and another says no.
    Yes, it can be quite confusing. But here’s the thing. I feel that since you want your ex back, you are jumping from reader to reader, in the hopes that someone will tell you what you want to hear. Even if a reader does tell you that, it might be that the reader is catching your own wishes, rather than the actual answer. At the same time, it might also be possible, that you might get back with your ex.
    So, based on your conflicting readings, I would say you have a 50-50 chance of it going either way. :)
    I know this isn’t much help… But those are my thoughts…
    About the NEW relationship question: by definition, a NEW relationship will be with someone NEW. How can it be with your ex?

  14. I believe I had way too many readings due to being impatient. About 99% of the reading have been the same however timing of things actually happening has not occurred. My question is can readers pick other on someone else feelings? Can someone pick up on when things will take place?

  15. Hi Denise,
    Yes, it can happen… In fact, it has happened to me quite a few times where I end up picking up on the client’s feelings and desires.. And sometimes they are so strong that they end up influencing the reading. This occurs only when I am doing face-to-face readings though, and not when I do the readings offline…But I have developed a sense for such situations over time and most of the time I can know when such is the case.
    The reason is quite simple actually – when we do readings, readers are tapping into the Unconscious self of the client, so it does tend to happen…

  16. I went to a tarot reader recently and I have some questions to ask her that I didnt think to ask then should I wait longer than 2 days to go back and ask her or ask her now that its on my mind?

  17. Hey Barbara,
    If it is a completely new question then of course you can.

  18. Hi Madhavi,

    I’ve had 5 readings and 4 out of the 5 told me that my ex will change and we will get back together but that it will take some time but 1 out of the 5 which her ratings were good and also said that she is very accurate on her testimonials said it’s over. The other 4 readers have good ratings and testimonials too…pretty confused only because that ONE that said it was over….not sure what to think…Thank you…

  19. Adriana,
    Yours is a classic example!
    Yes, which reading should you believe? If you go by the ‘majority wins’ rule, the 4 readings that said the same thing ought to be right, yes? But then, the 1 reading that tells the complete opposite has you all worried…
    Frankly, I think it’s more of a case of you wanting to hear what you want to hear, and therefore the one reading that doesn’t tell you that is messing with your mind.
    Be careful… This is a slippery slope… How many readings will it take for you to be convinced?

  20. Hi Madhavi,
    Are readings only accurate if you make them with a professional tarot reader? Because I have my own deck and i would do readings on my own for myself and for friends…
    Also, for the situations like Adriana, where people are eager “to hear what they want to hear,” how to choose which reading to believe in? Being convinced in what you want and just go for it or that things are over and let it go?

  21. Hello Madhavi,
    I have been getting regular reading 3-4 times a year for several years from a woman I find remarkably reliable and insightful. Things have come to pass that I have initially thought were ridiculous. She is generally very positive but also gentle but honest when there are things I don’t want to hear. Over time we have become friends. I know she wants good things for me.
    For the past year, she has been reading re: a particular difficulty I have been experiencing. Initially, she said it would resolve as I wanted but it would time and as time has passed her readings have been consistent. I have seen the same cards so many times, I am beginning to learn how to read them.
    Recently, on three different days, individual playing cards were literally on paths in front of me; I found one a street, one on a foot path and, remarkably, one underwater at a beach. They were 2 queens of spades and one king of heart.The queen has represented a woman who has caused great heartache to me. The man over whom the heartache has been is usually represented by the king of diamonds.
    At the same time, a dear friend of me later told me that during the three days I was finding the cards, he was overwhelmed by a sense of concern for me.
    Unfortunately, my regular reader was not available to me so I called a woman who had been strongly recommended to me by someone for whom I have great respect, spiritually.
    This second reader described my character and life circumstances in very general ways and in ways that sounded very negative to me – referring to my state of mind as chaotic, negative and depressive.These are not ways in which I think of myself, at all!As for the concerning situation, she stated that the past was the past and I had to forget about it and move on.
    This second reading has left me feeling very disconcerted. AS for the found cards, she interpreted them as simply being a statement of fact – that I was involved in a love triangle. It has also left me feeling full of doubt about myself and my faith in the previous readings.
    I am careful not to be a person who is deluded and I actively work on not stirring the pot and letting things develop (though I am not always good at this). But now I am wondering about the wisdom of getting another reading from my regular psychic.
    I would appreciate your thoughts.

  22. Hi Yvaine,
    Thanks for writing to me. :)
    You can most certainly read with your own deck! If you study your cards, and use your intuition while doing your readings, and of course, with a bunch of practice, your readings will be accurate as well! The difference between you and a professional Tarot reader is only this: the professional does it professionally! LOL
    Now about the second part of your question – it can be hard to determine which are the readings when you read for someone who ‘wants to hear what they want to hear’. But I have discovered that there are some cards which might let us on to this situation. In my case, the Moon card, the Hanged Man, the High Priestess Reversed, some or either of these cards show up in the reading to let me know that this is going on. Of course, that is not to say that these cards don’t come up when they want to talk about what they talk about in normal circumstances as well. So.. Yeah.. It is a bit of listening to my own intuition when these cards turn up, and also paying attention to how emotionally involved the client is in that particular question.
    You might come up with different cards though.. So pay attention. Your cards’ll tell ya! :)
    Hope this helps…
    Best of luck with your reading practice…

  23. Hi Selke,
    Thanks for writing to me. :)
    Well, every reader has their own way of saying things, telling things – because they are different people. Each reader has his / her own style of reading, if you will. Looks like you’ve encountered that more than anything else.
    You are used to, and from what you say, you really like the reading style of your regular Tarot reader. Which is why the reading style of the other Tarot reader kinda rubbed you the wrong way, I think. That doesn’t mean that the second reader isn’t good or anything like that – its just that you and her style probably didn’t gel all that much. It happens. Its happened to me too! :)
    So, don’t worry so much about that.
    Try to see the salient points, the highlights, or the main points of what they said in the reading, rather than focusing on how it was said. Look for the points of guidance and insight – because that is the important thing.
    Hope this helps…

    P.S. – Finding those playing cards in different places – wow! That is awesome! It seems like the Universe is sending you messages! Btw, have you ever been interested in learning how to read the Tarot cards?

  24. Hii madhavi I have a few questions
    1. When your being read your cards can a reader miss something bad? Like if someone is either doing something tabs to you or wishing bad things would happen to you? I’ve been told by a few readers that I’m good at feeling when things are happening to me and around me, I was also told that I will start doing the same thing just not now..
    2. Is there a such thing as someone who doesn’t like you, have your picture and do bad things to you?

    I’ve been having issues with a co worker for some time now and I’m noticing she has changed, meaning she does EVERYTHING I do.. Down to the way I speak,dress, attitude, etc.. Every time I go into work I get this feeling like Some one is either watching me or trying to tell me something.. My ear always rings when she’s around.. I know it might sound like I have a copy cat or a fan of mine, but she is in to evil things. (Which I was told from a reader) and from her also..
    My best friends grandmother made me a bracelet for protection and it broke, she told me if that happens some one tried to do something bad to you is that true?
    3. What can I do to stop this individual and protect myself from her evil doings? This is getting out of control already ..

  25. Hi again Madhavi,

    I have a question concerning the Moon card’s interpretation. For the illusion meaning of it, is the illusion always appealing and good, or could it be worse than the reality? For example, if I’ve got the impression that someone hates me, and drew the Moon card, could it mean that I am having wrong impressions and being scared for nothing?


  26. Yvaine,
    The Moon card can have many interpretations. Illusions, deceptive thoughts, projection, even creativity and intuition…
    But most importantly, it talks about facing your fears. Really looking at the things you fear the most straight in the face. Which is very, very scary.
    So, when you draw the Moon card in your reading, pay attention to the first thought that comes in your mind as you turn the card over and look at it. What are the fears that surface in your mind when you see it?
    In the context of your question, what is it about this friend that makes you feel this fear? Look very deep within yourself to find the answer. Fears always emerge from within our self. Not facing them leads to deception and illusions about anger, resentment and hate. Facing them leads to clarity and fearlessness.
    Be honest with yourself, and walk away from the deceptive thoughts that the mind can create to mask those fears. And you will be able to arrive at your answer.
    And yes, the path through the gates of the Moon card is not so easy, so keep believing and walk through them with honesty and strength – and you will see the truth…


  27. Hi,
    I’ve been very unsettled lately because my mother had a reading and the tarot reader brought me up. I’m married with a baby and the tarot reader told my mother that she sees divorce in the future, she doesn’t know when.. She estimated in 14 years bc of a third person, where my husband will leave me for her. How do I take this and change it positively or anything? Can she really call something that far away? I know everyone has the risk of something like this, but it’s not even just saying that he’ll just cheat or that we will have difficulties, she said he would leave me. I can control myself and my actions, but I can’t control his. And I won’t tell him anything. I just don’t know how to mentally prepare myself for this. I don’t know how to take it out of my thoughts either bc right now it’s just eating me up. Can you give me some light in how to change this path? Should I get a reading myself and face my fears? Or stay clear from this lady?


  28. Hi Susan,

    I can’t really comment upon the accuracy of the reading or whether you should visit this Tarot reader yourself or not. I also cannot comment on whether someone can see things that far ahead in the future or not because I have no personal experience about the accuracy of the predictions made by the reader your mother went to.

    But I can certainly say one thing here: sometimes predictions made in readings can have a psychosomatic effect on the querent. This means that situations can often manifest because of emotional reactions. If you let such predictions affect you so much, I suggest that you steer clear of getting any sort of readings like this in the future, because it may adversely affect your relationships in the present.

    You can’t really get all upset about it now. Who knows? 14 years down the line, you might be the one asking him to leave?

    The point that I am trying to make is this: a certain prediction made about events that may or may not happen so far into the future shouldn’t be allowed to affect your present. Live in the here and now, and just forget about such predictions. Don’t give them the power to affect or change your today. If something bad is going to happen in the future, then it will happen regardless. Getting or not getting a prediction won’t really make much of a difference if that is the path your life is supposed to go on to.

    Readings are meant for guidance. At the most, knowing that such an event will occur should help you mentally and emotionally prepare for the situation, so you can handle it well as and when it actually occurs.

    I hope this helps…


  29. hi,
    I actually have a question. I had tarot readings, psychic readings done for the past 2 months and it was like every other day that I had it–well, almost, and now they seemed to contradict with each other and everything seems to be out of hand. the first reading was really good, but then for the following readings it had gotten worse and worse. I am concerned that i kinda did abrupt time and how things should take place so my main question is will i still get back on track if i stop doing readings? is there a possibility to have the outcome change?

  30. Honestly Eliza, I don’t really know if you will get back on track with the issue if you stop doing readings, but you will most certainly stop being so confused.
    Obviously, with all these contradictory readings, you don’t know exactly how to proceed.
    Also, psychic readings do tend to pick up on your latent desires sometimes, and the more confused you are, the more confused those readings will be. That is why, when you do go in for a reading, you should try to be as objective and clear headed as you can, and try not to project your latent desires for the outcome into your energies. This way, you will get much better readings.
    Meanwhile, I suggest that you stop doing these readings for a bit, find a calm place and try to see the real situation without letting any of these ‘guidances’ come into your mind. Perhaps, then you will see the real issue, and try to find a rational solution for it.
    In my experience, getting many readings does tend to confuse the real issue in the mind of the person who gets those readings, thereby causing even more confusion in the perception of the reality of the situation. Just get back to normal, and see things from a normal point of view, and hopefully, things should look clearer for you.
    And once you’ve seen the root cause of the issues for your question, you might even discover a way to change the outcome or your reaction to a pre-destined outcome.
    Hope this helps…

  31. Hi. I just have a question.
    These past few months ive been to several psychics. Each reading are a month apart. They all said the same thing but the time-line is off. Ive been wanting for it to happen but ay the same time I am scared that it might not happen. Because of this I am scared to try other options as Ido not want to change the outcome. I want to ask whether the readings were really accurate ans why are the timelines off? Am I doing anything to delay it?what should I do?

    Thank you.

  32. Hi Julie,
    Looks like you’ve been waiting for an outcome to come true for a while… Give it some more time. No prediction can be 100% accurate. Plus many factors like free will and even your own desire for the outcome can affect the reading’s outcome. Be patient. Be logical. See your situation objectively.
    As they say: a watched pot doesn’t boil.
    Take it easy and try to occupy your mind with something else while you wait.
    Hope this helps.

  33. Can the cards get names confused? for example if you and Bob are texting often, but have not met yet and you asked the cards ‘what are Bob’s intentions’, can the psychic reading the cards mistaken people’s names or get them mixed up? how likely is it?

  34. I don’t think that the cards can confuse anything like that.. Rather, I would think it is the direction of our intention that might get confused.
    Here’s what you can do do: while you are meditating right before the reading, tell the cards something like: “this is a reading about Bob with whom I’ve been texting since the last couple of months” or something to that effect.
    Usually, for my professional readings, I request the client to send me their date of birth and their current location information. This helps me focus on their energies to do their reading.
    As I said in the beginning, the cards don’t make the mistakes. The humans who handle them often do make mistakes.

  35. Hello. I’ve had 3 tarot readings and 3 psychic / spiritual medium readings in the last few weeks. The tarot readings were excellent, almost eerie. Getting a lot of the past and present right, and hopefully, if I stay on this path, the future as well. But the mediums were all over the place, a lot of it made no sense at all and rarely ever really pertained to anything past or present. The 3 tarots were done by 2 different people and the mediums were all different. Why could this be? I’ve thought about another tarot just to make sure I’m still on the right path, but my last one was a few days ago.

  36. Hi Christopher,
    Your experience with the Tarot readings is quite incredible. And yes, it is totally possible. Because, as you said, since the past and the present were spot-on, and if you stay on the path, the future will likely occur too.
    I really cannot say why the psychic mediums weren’t spot-on with their predictions.
    From what I do know about these things though, I can say one thing: psychic people pick up energy vibrations that are around us and they make their statements / predictions based on that. Sometimes, they can connect with your energies well, and sometimes they can’t. This sort of thing happens with very intuitive Tarot card readers as well.
    Its just how it works, I suppose. :)
    Don’t think too much about it. :)
    Hope this helps.

  37. Hi Madhavi –

    This has been so very informative! I wonder if you can help me.

    I recently had two tarot readings by a woman who is also an intuitive (she’s good with numbers and things come to her). Without me saying a word, she accurately knew what the past and present was/is in my life and then quite surprisingly described a future event that shocked me – in a good way. After the first (12 card?) reading, many things she said came to pass almost immediately, with the cards and also the numbers and things she intuited. I went back to see her just two weeks later. By now we were friendly and she knew exactly what I wanted to know, even thought I still didn’t say it out loud. She did a full reading, and the outcome was really just more of the same of the first reading, just more detailed. A lot of cards with gold/yellow backgrounds that she said represented passion (the reading was about a relationship) came up. I don’t really know Tarot cards well, but some were the exact same from my first short reading, and then more, of course. Now, she intuited other things as well this time, and here I am a month later and nothing has come to pass. Which may be fine, because the things she described are to take place over this summer to come. However, I think I am not living authentically, because I want what she read to come to pass so much that I’m afraid to upset the balance of things!! I am having a problem letting it settle and seeing what unfolds. Also, I think I am confusing what she intuited with what the reading was. Which one would be more accurate – the cards, or what she “sees”? She was 100% right about my first reading, as well as reading for my friends, and so were the numbers she saw, etc.. She is a straight shooter, yet I feel like because she knew my “story” the second time, her intuition was possibly influenced. Can her knowledge have affected the outcome of my second reading to what I desired, versus what will be? Right now it seems highly unlikely any of it will come to pass. I apologize if this is convoluted!

  38. Hi Stacy,
    Looks like you have a bunch of questions all rolled together. Let me see if I can guide you towards clarity for all those doubts…. :)
    As you said, your reader’s first reading was pretty accurate, and now you are anxious about waiting to see if the second reading also unfolds the same way. Give it time. I think, based on your reader’s track record so far, it is quite likely that the second reading will also unfold like she said.
    Now, as to what would be more “accurate” – the cards, or her visions. I would say that in the case of this particular reader it is a combination of both which makes it uniquely her reading.
    And even if the second time round, she knew of your questions, I don’t think it hinders the reading. In fact, it adds more value because she is probably tuning into the right “station” this time without fiddling around much.
    Trust the reading. But trust yourself more. Many of us lose our patience because of readings – we think that if we did a reading often it may speed things up, or if things didn’t quite happen in the order that they were predicted then the reader must be wrong, and so on. But you have to take the readings in the spirit of guidance rather than some sort of an eerie prediction. This way, you will breathe easy. What she predicted may yet come to pass, but you need to stop holding your breath in the interim and go live your life.
    Make sense?

  39. Thank you! It all made much sense. And thank you as well for understanding my jumble of thoughts and questions. Time for deep breaths!


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