Doing a Tarot Reading With Two or More Tarot Decks

Doing a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks was one of the most fascinating experiences I have had in my entire career as a professional Tarot card reader. Not only was it more illuminating, but it was also challenging and interesting for the client.

Normally, most Tarot card readers end up using a single Tarot card deck for their Tarot card readings. In fact, I have my personal favorite, the Universal Waite deck, that I always use during my professional readings.

Sometimes, readers might offer a choice to their clients, and let them choose which deck to use for the reading. Based on their personal preferences for imagery and theme, each client might end up choosing a deck that makes sense for him / her.

And so, one day, I ended up thinking: What if I did a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks? And, I was so pleasantly surprised at the result! Not only was it something new for my client (thank the Gods, he was a regular client of mine and wasn’t averse to a little bit of experimentation that I always ended up doing!), but it was also opened up a lot of doors for my intuition.

Doing a Tarot Reading with Two or More Tarot Decks: How Does it Work

psychic ReadingActually, it is quite simple really! Instead of using just the one deck that you use normally, use two or even three decks if that’s what you feel! Here’s how I do it:

  1. I shuffle each deck individually.
  2. Then I hold all the decks in my hands when I Open my reading.
  3. I make a fan of all the decks individually. (Yes – this is the part where you really become demanding from your Spread Cloth!)
  4. When I begin my General Spread, I ask the client to pick out the requisite number of cards from each of the decks.
  5. I lay the cards from each of the decks on top of each other in the spread.
  6. I open them one by one, from each deck, for each position, and do the reading.

Yup! That is, in a nutshell, how I do it.

Benefits of Doing a Tarot Reading with Two or More Tarot Decks

The result of doing a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks:

  • The client gets a lot of information for each position of the spread.
  • I found myself getting a lot of clarity about the situation from the card that I had used from the other deck.
  • I experienced an interesting expansion of my intuition, and yes,
  • Sometimes, the client might not like pulling out all those many cards :)

Doing a Tarot Reading with Two or More Tarot Decks: Deck Compatibility

2 of CupsOne of the first things I realized when I started to use two decks for a reading was that sometimes two decks just might not be compatible with each other. That doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you or with the decks – its just that their themes might not mix or blend well with each other for you.

For example, whenever I used the Universal Waite deck with the Mythic Tarot deck, I just couldn’t figure it out. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with both the decks. And the Greek Mythology theme does find many reflections in the Waite-Smith imagery. But, for me, it just didn’t click. You might have a totally different experience, though – so go ahead and experiment!

Since the primary deck that I use is the Universal Waite, I found that it paired well with:

Other deck pairs that really work include:

  • The DruidCraft Tarot Deck and the Osho Zen Tarot Deck
  • The Sun and Moon Tarot Deck and the Osho Zen Tarot Deck
  • The Pagan Tarot Deck and the Tarot of New Vision Deck

I believe that somewhere, your perception of the deck’s energies must somehow mix well with, or enhance the energies of the other deck. Once that happens, you can easily use the pair in your readings.

Doing a Tarot Reading with Two or More Tarot Decks: Some Tips

Spread ClothBased on my experiences, here are some tips for you when you think about doing a Tarot reading with two or more Tarot decks:

  • Make sure you have a big enough surface (table) and spread cloth to handle all those cards 😀 (Really! You will need it!)
  • Meditate on which two (or three) decks you want to use – put them next to each other and see if you feel as if they will play well with each other.
  • Before you do this professionally, make sure that you have practiced this a few times and figured out your compatible deck pairs.
  • Make sure your client is ok with this sort of thing – it always helps to be polite and ask. If they don’t agree, then you can always try it out with a good friend who won’t mind.

Your Thoughts…

So, what are your thoughts about doing a reading with two or more Tarot decks? Have you tried this as well? What were your experiences? If you haven’t tried it out, please do share your experiences! And don’t forget to post your favorite pairs in the comments section! I would really love to hear about it! :)


  1. This is really interesting! Must try this!

  2. Hey Gina!
    Sure, go ahead!
    And do let me know how it was for you…
    I am very curious..

  3. Hi Madhavi,

    I did a reading with 2 decks today, the radiant Rider Waite and the Shadowscapes deck. I pulled 4 cards from each deck.

    Most memorable moment: I pulled out the same card from both decks for the same position (the first card).

    I will definitely use this method again!

    All the best!

  4. Wow! Gina this is too cool!
    Using 2 decks gives you a very interesting perspective on the question, doesn’t it?

  5. Absolutely, using two decks really put emphasis on the “message” and made the reading quite powerful and clear – not only did I draw the same card twice for the same position, I also drew four threes: the three of cups twice, the three of swords, the three of wands. In the context of the question asked this actually made perfect sense! Thanks for suggesting this method, I am sure I will use it often.

  6. Hey Gina,
    I have the same experience – when you use 2 decks, you really “get” the message loud and clear… It is, in some ways, stronger than usual. And when you get repeat cards, it feels as if the cards are stressing a particular aspect of the message more than the other parts…
    I am really happy that you found this method useful, and that you shared your experience with me here… It is really great to hear how these ideas help with readings…

  7. I sometimes use the Rider Waite together with the Haindl Tarot. For me that works well to clarify the Rider Waite, when I feel I’m not getting the message!

  8. That is so cool!
    Yeah, adding another deck to the mix certainly does help clarify or enhance the message!

  9. I was using only one deck for a while but the need to clarify made me reshuffle to much the remaining cards and so I decided to use another deck but the same one. I cannot believe the level of clarity. The language was clever and more sophisticated. I want to incorporate a third deck, I’m sure it would be even more interesting. I love it and will never go back to just one deck.

  10. Hey Catherine!
    I am so glad you found this method useful! Yes, adding another deck to the mix does bring out a lot more clarity to the reading – especially when the current set of cards don’t give out as much information as you want.
    Please, do try using a third deck when you feel like it.. And do let me know how that goes too! I would be very interested to learn about your experience…
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts… :)

  11. I have done a two deck reading with universal rider Waite and Doreen virtues romance angel cards. I did a 3 card love/romance reading. It was really great how the love angels reinforced the traditional tarot and helped me connect with the reading. I’m going to try with the osho zen. But maybe I need connect with my osho deck first. Thank you karen

  12. Hey Karen,
    Yes, some decks really connect well with each other – the imagery reinforcing each other as it were.
    You can certainly give it a shot with the Osho deck. It is one of my favorites. And the imagery speaks so wonderfully!
    All the best of luck… :)

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