Every time I tell someone I am a Tarot card reader, the first question that they ask me is: “Do Tarot card readings really work?”

While this question does bring a lot of snarky, smart-alec-y answers to my mind, I normally try to explain some things to these people. I thought I might just share my thoughts over here…

Well, the short-and-sweet, one word answer to this question is: “Yes!”

Tarot card readings do work. And when done correctly, the Tarot cards can be a huge source of guidance and help. They can also be a great way for exploring a variety of creative thinking processes, which do deliver out-of-the-box answers that make you think along a line that you may never have thought on before.

That being said, lets explore the different reasons why I keep saying that Tarot readings do really work.


It is a well-known matter of fact that the cards popping up and telling us what is going on is just plain and simple ‘Synchronicity’.

Synchronicity can be defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” Carl Jung first described this concept in the 1920s.

Essentially, there are no coincidences.

And no, this isn’t some kind of mumbo-jumbo-weird-magic-type scene either. The cards are simply a reflection of the unconscious mind of the client.

Whatever is going on in the unconscious mind of the person you are reading for will always be accessible through the language of symbols (like in dreams for example) and thus the Tarot cards can be yet another means for accessing this information.

Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

The Tarot cards, as you all may be aware, are full of pictures. The more modern decks (especially those based on the Rider-Waite-Smith pattern) often have pictures of people doing something or the other on them. Plus, the cards are full of different symbols that convey a wealth of meaning.

Even without any knowledge of symbolism, a normal human being can simply see a picture and can often relate what is going on in that picture to something similar going on in his / her life. With a minimum of fuss, these pictures convey a story – they can make one look deep within the intricacies of the situation and help us understand our situations and environment much better.


Now, when you put the two aspects of synchronicity and picture-language together, you can easily see why Tarot readings do really work. Not only do they capture the here-and-now scenario of the client’s life, but they also put it in front of you in a symbol-picture format that makes it easy to understand and interpret.


And yet, there are some situations where many experience that Tarot card readings haven’t worked. Let’s examine those experiences as well.


As I have mentioned before, the Tarot cards speak in the language of pictures and symbols. And the Tarot card reader interprets them. Each Tarot card reader has her own method of interpretation. He / She is a unique person with different life experiences – which contribute towards shaping his / her voice as a Tarot card reader.

All of this contributes towards creating a very interesting scenario. Every Tarot card reading times every Tarot card reader equals to so many different, and unique interpretative voices.

Amongst all this, it is can happen that a reader might interpret a symbol differently from another. Or a reader can make a mistake. We are all human after all, and this can often lead to a scenario where a Tarot card reading might not be as helpful as one thought.

Scam Artists

This is something that bugs me to no end – especially as a Tarot card reader. I have often visited Tarot card readers to get a reading done for myself. And several of them have tried to get me to pay more money so that they could burn a candle or two to get rid of some ‘bad spirit’ that they see hovering about me. And they didn’t even come close to guessing that I was someone who was also in a similar field of work.

It pains me to say it, but not all Tarot readers are genuine. Some of them are scam artists who just want to rip you off. And if you end up going to them for a reading, you might experience that the reading just did not work.


Either an honest mistake in interpretation, or an encounter with a scam artist that will result in a Tarot card reading that just doesn’t work.

Your Turn…

What are your experiences with Tarot card readings? Have they worked in helping you and guiding you towards a better life? Have they been able to help resolve your issues or problems?

Have you had any weird experiences where a reading just hasn’t worked for you at all? What do you think might have been the reason for that?

Lets talk about it in the comments section below.


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