Framing Tarot Card Reading Questions

Getting a Tarot Card Reading done usually involves asking a lot of questions to the Tarot card reader. If you want the cards to answer your questions correctly and properly, you need to know how to frame the questions for your Tarot card Reading. Let’s have a look at...

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Repeating Cards In A Tarot Reading

Repeating cards in a Tarot card reading are quite an interesting and common occurrence. During the course of a single Tarot card reading, the Tarot reader often ends up doing several spreads to answer the different questions that the client might have. And a card or...

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The Power To Say ‘No’

As Tarot card readers, we read the cards for people who come to us for readings. And yet, there are those times when we just don’t want to read for a particular person. There is a nagging feeling, an inner sense, call it your intuition, but something inside of us just...

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