In the Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth. Earth is stable and steady – it is tangible and materialistic. Therefore, the Suit of Swords talks about situations in day-to-day life that deal with materialistic and practical matters.

So let us see how the energy of the Earth element manifests itself in this cycle of ten cards from the Suit of Pentacles.

Journey of the Four Suits - Pentacles

The Cycle Begins…

The cycle of the Suit of Pentacles begins with the Ace of Pentacles. As with all the other suits, this one also depicts a hand emerging from a cloud, and the hand is holding a big pentacle. Here is where a large chunk of material benefits has materialized itself in all its glory. The cycle has very fortunate beginnings where a path has therefore opened up, and no one knows where it may lead.

Moving Along…

The cycle of material benefits brings its positives and negatives with it.

In the Two of Pentacles, we see how he is struggling with the infinite cycles driven by the two pentacles – his struggle to balance and to manage both the pentacles that he juggles in his hand.

In the Three of Pentacles, however, we see how the presence of the material benefits has started to manifest and solidify in a very real and tangible sense – with the creation of the building.

In the Four of Pentacles, again we see how it suddenly becomes possible, and even imperative for him to cling on to the materialistic aspects of life that are driven by the pentacles.


The benefits of material things are more pronounced when they are absent.

In the Five of Pentacles, we see how the absence of material benefits has manifested itself in the abject poverty of the two people in the card.

However, in the Six of Pentacles, it seems as if the merchant giving out the coins becomes a symbol of the Universe – and he doles out, in a very measured way, the coins that can save the two beggars – thereby causing a change in their financial situation to some extent.

Towards The End…

It is after the change mentioned above that some positives of the Earth element slowly start to make their presence felt.

In the Seven of Pentacles, the slow and gradual growth of material benefits is highlighted – and it is shown how that kind of growth is more preferable than most other ways.

In the Eight of Pentacles, we also see how working for these material benefits can also be a learning process, and how that knowledge can create more opportunities and thus lead to more benefits.

In the Nine of Pentacles, we see how this knowledge has actually caused a garden of prosperity and abundance to bloom around the person.

Changes Again…

Finally, with the Ten of Pentacles we see the firm establishment of happiness on several levels, of course coupled with long standing material benefits. This kind of situation can only occur after one has traversed all the different stages of the Suit of Pentacles and will only lead one to a higher state of awareness of the flow of Earth energy.

The Journey Continues…

Symbol of the Element of Earth
The Suit of Pentacles thus has both negative and positives – but altogether, brings about the awareness that tangible things are also equally important for day-to-day survival. Although one cannot buy happiness with money, money can create a scenario where the pursuit of happiness becomes simpler and easier, and the goal can become a journey of discovery in a nicer way.

Your Turn…

What are your experiences with the Suit of Pentacles and their journey? Have you experienced such interesting cycles with the Earth energy in your life? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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