In Section Two of my book Tarot Reading Using Storytelling Techniques, I wrote my version of the stories of each of the 78 Tarot Cards. Since then, many of my book’s readers have contacted me, and shared with me their card stories, which I have read with great joy. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the Tarot Card Stories by Joana, a wonderful lady who contacted me via FaceBook, and shared these brilliant stories with me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Major Arcana 

The Magician

My Magician is a true master. He has the power to act, but it is not an any type of act at all. He has the awareness, concentration, and mastery necessary to accomplish any task at hand. He feels the Universe, and the Universe feels him back. He feels the powerful energy of the Universe in his hands, in his mind and in his heart. He has extreme knowledge of the most important things in this world – Emotions, clarity of thought, passion and practical nature. He dominates his skills as no one else, and that makes him the splendid master that he is.

With his wisdom, willpower and determination he can make anything come true. He creates the circumstances around him using his wisdom. After all, he is a magician, a master, and everything he creates becomes something magical.

The High Priestess

My High Priestess is mysterious, not anyone can decipher her. She only reveals what she thinks should be revealed. She is neutral, she is intuitive, she is so wise. She is our inner voice, that voice that speaks with love and that comes from an unknown place, but somehow we feel its evident wisdom. It does not advocate good or evil. It does not take advantage of the feminine or the masculine. It can bring together all the opposing forces of this world. But she does it without intruding. She guides us, but even if we do not listen to her, she does not judge us, she knows that we are only humans, that we are imperfect beings. And even if we have not listened to her one, two, ten times, she is still there, she continues to guide us, she continues to give us her unconditional love and her infinite wisdom.

The Empress

She is the Mother. Mother Nature, the Mother who nourishes us, who cares for us, who creates us. She is life. The inherent life of a tree, a bird, a baby. She is the life that runs in our veins. She is the birth of an idea, of love. She is the abundance of this world and the other. She feels everything, she smells, she feels the beauty, she feels the soft touch, she feels the music, she uses and abuses all of her senses. She created life. It makes any seed germinate in the most beautiful and abundant thing we can imagine. We have to love life, we have to love ourselves and our neighbors. We have to nurture and care for what is ours and what we want to achieve. My Empress is the life that is inside of me, it is the life that surrounds me, and it is the infinite life of this wonderful Universe.

The Emperor

He is the Father. That strong figure, rigid, with a powerful voice that only with an eye-popping puts us in order. But he is not at all a heart of stone. Far from it. He shows his love in the best way he knows. He teaches us to follow rules. If there were no rules, this world was more upside down than it already is. He is authoritarian, yes, no doubt, but if he were not, no one would take him seriously. He is where he is, and he is the powerful influence it is today, precisely by following rules, discipline, and structure. He learned to be strong and use his greatest strength – rational thinking. But although he has this image of a stone man, with a simple hug of someone who loves him, he smiles for himself. He feels, he feels a lot, but he does it inward. On the outside, he has to be strong, stiff, a true leader. But his leadership comes from the love of a Father. 

The Hierophant

He is the Teacher. He is the one who teaches us to live in the midst of society and civilization. He is the one who imparts the knowledge that we need to be able to enter into our culture. He believes that each of us can and should form our own beliefs. But there are traditions and customs of our society that can not pass us by. He teaches us to get into groups and to work as a team in order to achieve a collective goal. Traditions and belief systems are important to him. After all, that’s how he was taught. He may have some difficulty accepting a non-traditional mind. He also finds it difficult to accept new beliefs or traditions other than those he has been taught. Implementing change is something that gets a bit tricky for him. But, he is not stubborn. If we show him a new idea, a new custom that does not go against his ethical and moral values, after much consideration, he may even take that idea or custom into account. He is wise, very wise. He has its values very well defined. And the greatest reward one can give him is to show that his teachings have been learned and will be put into practice.

The Lovers

She was by the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He was standing by the tree of life. Both blessed by a beautiful and wonderful Angel.

The Angel blessed the relationship between them. The Angel knew that there was true love there. Love that capable of creating life.

He felt a huge attraction and love for her, something inexplicable in words. And the best of all, is that this love was reciprocated.

She took the fruit of the tree of knowledge, and with it, obtained the knowledge necessary to know how to differentiate good from evil. She passed her knowledge to him. Together, they formed their personal beliefs, and their ethical and moral values. It was not an easy decision. After all, temptation sometimes can be much stronger than the right way. But they, together, had the strength to decide the best for them.

Enlightened and blessed, they went their way, together, hand in hand, with the knowledge they gained, they departed for the long journey.

The Chariot

He is the determination in person. His willpower, his control over the opposing forces, his assertiveness will most certainly lead him to victory.

He feels confident. He knows that he has the power to achieve anything he wants. But he also knows that there’s no point sitting around waiting for things to fall on his lap. He needs to use his strength. But that is not at all something that scares him. On the contrary, he loves challenges. He does not like the easy. If he has the immense determination running through his veins, if he feels that his willpower is the size not only of the world but of the Universe, if he knows he can take control of himself and of any situation, why seek the easy? He has everything to achieve the difficult. And it is only in this way that gives him joy.

The Strength 

Oh how kind she is. But do not be fooled. She has the force of a hurricane inside her. She is so but so strong. And best of all, she’s not an aggressive apologist at all. No, she is kind, and she uses her kindness, patience and compassion to achieve the control she needs. Control that she uses in herself, and also in what surrounds her.

She is patient. She knows that control is not achieved from one day to the next. But she knows exactly how to get there. Through gentle persuasion, knowing also that not everyone is like her, she understand that. She feels compassion for any living thing. She feels compassion for Nature. She knows that she is part of this immense Universe, Universe that returns all the love that she places in him as well. 

The Hermit

He stands there alone, but so accompanied by his thoughts. He loves those moments when he lives in his little world. He is quite wise. He knows that all the answers he seeks are within him. But to access them, he needs to seek solitude and quiet. It is impossible to hear his inner voice in a noisy, restless place. He has no fear of loneliness, on the contrary, he loves it! It is there that he can access his inner wisdom. It was there that he first met himself. And there, that solitary, and perhaps a little lifeless place became their haven of shelter. His knowledge will always illuminate and guide his path.

The Wheel of Fortune

My Wheel of Fortune is the most beautiful form of Destiny. Destiny is not traced, much less remains unalterable. We create our own Destiny, through our actions and choices. There are rather synchronized events. What is this? These are events that we call coincidences. Coincidence is not always the correct description for these events. There are situations in our life that we have to go through them inevitably. Perhaps they were created by us, through actions of the past or even now. We always reap what we sow. What we cause always creates an effect.

Often we experience new cycles. Perhaps because the lessons have been learned and we are ready to enter a new phase. But there are also those cycles that somehow repeat themselves. With this, we can see that perhaps the lesson we need to learn has not yet been learned, and hence, the cycle repeats itself. Not as a form of punishment. But as a form of learning, and also as a way to give us the option to learn what we need to learn so that we can advance in our path.


My Justice is an apologist for the truth and, as the name implies, Justice. 

She uses her scales to balance the sides and with her sword and logical and rational thought she makes her decision. She knows that we have to accept responsibility and bear the consequences of our actions. She knows she has to strike a balance. What you give, you receive. 

She knows that when it comes to making decisions, she has to be fair, true and balanced. She can not make such an important decision without being cautious of all sides involved. At no moment we will feel unfair in her hands. She makes you understand why, and  she shows us how to restore balance in ourselves. The best we have to do is to take away all the learning she provides us. It’s a win win. 

The Hanged Man 

Hanging there, he was. It seems a bit uncomfortable isn’t it? But it’s not. He is like this because he wants to. He decided to stop for a bit. Analyze his life. Funny fact, being upside down, his perspective changed a bit. He saw things differently in that position. And the truth is that he liked it. He needed that moment of suspension and analysis in order to gain a better understanding. In that position he found other ways of seeing the situations and even the way he saw himself. He found comfort in his new thoughts. Sometimes we have to stop, really, stop, and just watch. In this way, we soothe our heart from daily stress, soothe our minds, and we can think more clearly, and even see what we could not see. He is there, quiet, upside down, comfortable and when he decide to leave that position, his ideas will be in place. 


Oh Death, beautiful but painful Death.

It is difficult to accept the end. It’s hard to embrace change. It’s hard to leave behind what has been in us for so long. It becomes a habituation. But sometimes, despite being painful, we have to see that certain ends lead us to better ways. Sometimes we have to evolve. But for this, we need to undergo certain transitions. Of course, there are ends that cause us relief. There are ends we long for. But there are also ends that break our hearts.

But we can break down, and honestly, it is not worth fighting the force of this change. Sometimes we have to eliminate what no longer benefits us. Could it hurt? Yes! Could it seem that the new day will not come? No doubt! But it goes!!! Oh yes it goes! The sun will rise, and over time we will realize that this transition, this change, this elimination, and this end were necessary for our growth and well-being. As they say and very well, a door is closed, but many windows open. It is up to us to embrace the changes, to let ourselves be carried and to see how far they can take us. We can be truly surprised.


She is the perfect combination of balance and moderation.

She had a long way to go before she could achieve that emotional balance and obvious self-restraint.

Without haste, calmly, she reached her destination.

With one foot in the waters of her emotions and the other in the land of her external world, she managed to achieve the perfect match. She knew she had to learn how to moderately control both worlds. Her emotional world was perhaps the most difficult to balance, and this in a way affected her outside world. She had to find a way to maintain her balance. And the truth is she succeeded. She felt full of health and vitality. She felt calm, serene, she felt she finally mastered both her inner world and her outer world. She connected with herself in an unshakable way.

The Devil

Oh Devil, now the situation has turned serious.

When we see ourselves in a situation that we know is bad for us, it causes us pain, but we keep being there. This is called Self-Slavery.

Self Slavery? It is possible? Does anyone like to be a slave? Yes, this is possible. And yes, many of us go through those moments in our lives when we think that even though we are not happy, we should stay where we are because somehow we believe there is nothing better for us than that. This is also called ignorance. Not in terms of stupidity, but in terms of which we have chosen not to see the reality. Maybe because we fear reality is harder than what we are feeling now. And that fear keep us from getting rid of those chains that hold us in the dark. We feel desperate.

We are so addicted, so obsessed with the material world, or even with certain destructive feelings, that we think we can not live without them. And that makes it impossible for us to see that we can easily free ourselves. We just have to want to leave, we just have to say to ourselves that this is enough!

The Tower

What a big shake. Life has completely collapsed. What a huge fall.

What is this? What is the reason for this sudden event?

Yes, sometimes the Universe has to act, it has to interfere. Why? Because we can not make the decision to free ourselves from what is not good for ourselves. So, somehow, the Universe has to force us to see the best way, and that is not at all the one we are in at the moment.

The Tower reveals to us the reality that somehow we avoid seeing. The Tower shows us that what we believe in, is not at all the truth. The Tower shows us that we have to free ourselves from beliefs, addictions, situations and even people. 

When the energy of this wonderful and powerful Tower appears in our life, it is not worth fighting. If we do, it will only make the process even more difficult.

Sometimes we need a big shake to be able to give value to what we do not recognize as having value.

Sometimes we need to understand that change is necessary.

Sometimes we need to see that deliverance is the best way.

The Star

Oh Star you light up my world. So good to see you! You restored hope within me.

You brought me calm, serenity and inspiration.

I feel like I’m finally ready to move on. I feel refreshed, I feel inspired, I feel motivated, I feel clean. I feel so good.

I feel that I have every hope in me that tomorrow will be a better day. I feel that my emotions and my senses are finally in tune.

I feel that the music of my heart speaks to me and tells me to dance until I fall. I feel blessed. And this is simply wonderful.

The Moon

Oh Moon, you are so beautiful, but why did you cover my sun?

I feel confused, afraid. I can not see clearly what lies before me.

I know this feeling well. That fear that keeps me from seeing the way. That confusion that does not let me see clearly. There’s illusion all around me. A huge doubt that comes when I ask myself whether or not I should follow what my instinct tells me.

But the truth is, my instinct never let me down.

You know what I think? You’re there for some reason. Do you know what my gut tells me now?

This is just another one of those times when you have to listen to me. Trust me. After all, I am your instinct. I am the one who has guided you on your journey so far. Even if you do not see what you see when the sun is shining, do not be afraid. Do not get carried away by your confusion. Go, go ahead, I’ll guide you all the way.

The Sun

Oh my Sun, there you are! It’s good to see you again!

I feel again enlightened, full of vitality, I feel safe, I feel great!

This feeling of happiness, of joy, of success is so good. I got it Sun, I got it!

Even with so many difficulties getting here, you never let me down. You have always enlightened my path.

I feel sure that something very good is waiting for me. I feel refreshed.

I feel in myself an immense clarity of thought. I feel in myself a greatness almost as great as yours. I feel pure, happy, and all this is due to you!

The Judgement

My Angel, I’ve heard you, and I am going to meet you now.

I finally want to be reborn, without having the weight of the past on my shoulders. All the lessons have been learned, and all the mistakes forgiven. I made peace with myself, made peace with all the suffering that I went through and that in a way taught me as well.

I’m feeling new, I’m feeling fresh.

I’ve listened to you with all my heart, and I know exactly what I have to do now.

The World

At last I feel free, finally I’ve attained the success that i wanted so badly.

I feel fulfilled, I feel that I have accomplished all that I had to, and I humbly feel that I was successful. I was able to reach all my dreams and all my heart’s desires. I feel so satisfied. I have the world in my hands. In fact, I feel so involved in it that I even think that I am the World myself.

Minor Arcana

Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands

What is this? Wow, this seems to be pretty important. I feel such a strong energy.

I see a hand coming out of a cloud, with a wand full of leaves. I do not know where it comes from, but I can feel what it tells me.

I feel a new beginning approaching, full of enthusiasm, full of passion and desire, what confidence and enormous courage I am feeling right now. I feel that a creative force has been born in me from the heavens. And the truth is that everything that comes from the heavens, can only be good, can only come from something full of love and enthusiasm.

What have I done to deserve such a blessing? Honestly, that doesn’t matter right now. What I do know is that this hand is offering me something great, something powerful.

I’m so excited, so in love. I feel in myself an enormous strength that this Divine hand is offering me.

How will I use it?

I feel creativity, so new ideas may be born within me.

I feel desire and passion, so something very strong and exciting can come to me at any moment.

I feel a courage and confidence in myself that leads me to believe that nothing will bring me down.

Thank you for this wonderful gift from heaven.

Two of Wands

There he was, with the globe in his hands.

What do I do with this globe? Oh, I know! I’ll explore it, I’ll find out everything I have to find out.

I’ve explored a lot, I’ve discovered a lot, but that’s not enough. I want more. I’m not satisfied.

One day, I want to do something great, something that will make the world remember my name.

I appreciate everything I have. I’m thankful for reaching where I am right now. And I appreciate the strength I have in me to achieve even more. And I’m going to use it, no doubts. I have the boldness to do so.

One day I will hold the world in my hands.

Three of Wands

There he was, at the top of the mountain. He stopped for a while. He stood there, watching the path he had already traveled and the path he would still have to go through to reach his goals.

He made a tremendous progress. He managed to get further than he had expected. But as always, he is not content yet, he wants more. He wants to expand his horizons, he wants to travel the world, to know new cultures and to obtain new teachings.

At this point he is thinking in the long run. He is pondering what his next step will be, he is planning his trip. He is a perfect visionary. After all, he knows that the path he has yet to go will certainly not be easy, he has to choose correctly, so that he will benefit during his journey.

Four of Wands

Oh how nice! So much happiness. I have achieved my first goals. This is certainly a reason to celebrate. Let’s party, let’s drink until we fall, let’s live this moment of happiness and conquest.

Let’s enjoy the excitement that is so evident right now.

I feel an extreme abundance in my heart.

I will rest a little, next to those I love, those who are happy for my achievements and those who support me unconditionally.

Five of Wands

And the first hurdle appeared.

After the long road he went through, he found his first obstacle.

Everyone had a different opinion. They entered into disagreement.

It has never been easy to keep a group together and with the same goals as well.

Each one had his own opinions, their way of looking at things. Each one had a different goal.

There was no consensus, there was no collective support.

They all wanted to get their idea forward. Deep down, everyone wanted to be the leader, and they competed among themselves for this place.

Six of Wands

But the truth was that he knew from the bottom of his heart that what he had in mind would bring the group together, bring benefits, and make them successful.

He used his courage, his creative strength, his enthusiasm and made a speech. But it wasn’t any type of speech at all. He used the right words at the right time, and everyone heard him.

Suddenly, in the middle of that silence, he climbed up to his white horse, looked at them and asked:

“Who’s with me?”

They looked at each others, and one by one, they raised their wands, showing recognition, admiration, and pride for their new leader.

Triumphant, he smiled, nodded, touched his horse softly, and began to walk among his followers.

He felt a huge, giant pride in himself and also in those who followed him. After all, he managed to unite them, and they managed to get their disagreements aside, and in addition to a new leader, they also gained a new purpose.

Seven of Wands

But like any journey, the hurdles reappear.

He was forced to defend his position. He was forced to even use some aggression. But not physical aggression, he had to be assertive again in his words. He had to define his position and impose some limits.

He had, once again to fight for what was his, to defend his place.

After all, he’s brave enough to fight any battle that comes in his way.

Eight of Wands

And as fast as the wind, things began to happen. Things began to materialize.

It happened so fast that it was hard to believe.

It was news and messages coming from all sides. He barely had time to breathe.

More goals achieved and finally completed.

It seemed that all the difficulties he faced and that by the way exceeded, served to make the work complete and above all, well done.

Nine of Wands

And there he was, a little crumpled with his battles and betrayals. The band on his head was the proof of all the fights he had in his way.

Clinging to the wand that was given to him by the heavens, as if it were his talisman, he defended what he has built up to this day.

It wasn’t anyone who passed through him. He did not trust easily, and he became very cautious about where and who he place his trust.

Even though he was tired, he persisted. Even though he was tired, he doesn’t give up defending his ground, all that he has conquered with his effort and sweat.

The fence created by his eight wands seemed a bit weak, but do not be fooled. He was not going to walk away, and he was not going to let anything get him down.

Ten of Wands

And finally he did it! Finally he achieved his goals.

But the truth is that he felt more and more the burden of having to take care of everything he had achieved. Do not get me wrong, he was proud of what he got, but nevertheless, all this put a heavy weight on his shoulders. It was too much, too much of a burden on just one person.

But he wasn’t going to give up. Although he felt the whole weight, he knew he had to continue. He knew that it would all be worth it.

Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups

Wow, what is this?

I see a hand coming out of a cloud. Where does it come from? I can not see. But I know that everything that comes from the heavens comes with love and light.

She’s offering me a nice cup. I also see a white dove, as if plunging into that cup. I feel that this dove conveys peace.

I feel that this gift is giving me a giant emotional force.

I feel like becoming intimate with her, I don’t know why, but I do.

My intuition is talking to me right now. She tells me that this gift is something very big and important.

Seriously, I feel that my emotions are now connected with this hand. Somehow, I feel an extreme peace within me.

Why me? I don’t know, but I intend to consider how I will use this magnificent gift.

I feel that there is a new beginning for me. Something that will make me feel safe. Something that is going to mess with my emotions.

I feel like I’m ready to give all of me. I feel like I’m ready to become intimate with something, with someone.

I feel that love is coming to meet me.

I feel good, I feel happy, and I feel the greatness of this present in me.

Two of Cups

And there they are. A man and a woman. The connection between them is pretty evident. There is a fellowship there and a willingness to share. Share the emotions, share what they have, share what they mean to each other.

They do not have a banal relationship. They are friends and lovers at the same time. What a beautiful and rare thing to see nowadays.

They know everything about each other. They connect into the most intimate level. They are partners and companions of each other. They value everything that both give.

They trust, they love, they surrender themselves to one another.

If one falls, the other is there to catch him. If one gets sick, the other is there to take care of him.

Three of Cups

So happy they all are. Even without realizing it, the whole world can feel the friendship and camaraderie that exists between them.

They dance, they sing, and most of all, they enjoy their company.

They know that when they are together the fun is constant. When they meet, nothing else matters. Being with one another is enough.

They toast to the eternal friendship they feel for each other. They toast to the abundance of their love for each other.

They are a group. This group didn’t made sense without one being present. They value the community among them and help each other. They are a team, and what a wonderful team.

Four of Cups

He stands there with his arms folded and is so apathetic that he does not even notice the hand coming out of the cloud, offering him a beautiful cup.

He feels so unmotivated that he does not even care about his surroundings.

He’s so absorbed in his thoughts, he’s so bored, to the point of not being motivated at all.

He just wants everyone to leave him alone. He just wants to be there, seated, closed for everything.

Contentment is not what he feels at the moment at all.

Nothing seems to make him smile.

He is totally absorbed in his emotions, and at this moment he just wants to be quiet.

Five of Cups

Oh how sad he is. He is crying over the spilled cups on the floor. From here, I can almost feel what he is feeling.

The heart hurts, and consequently, his eyes share tears.

He may be feeling regrets, he may be feeling that feeling we all know when we lose something. But the truth is that he is so focused on his loss that he can not see that two cups still stand behind him. But right now he doesn’t want to see that. He just wants to cry, release that pain, throw it all out. But when he wipes the tears from his face, takes a deep breath and lifts his head, he will look at those two cups and will see that is not all lost. He will be able to feel that despite the pain he has right now, those two cups will help him to overcome all this suffering.

Six of Cups

This image is so sweet. It conveys so many good things.

They are memories. As we remember the past, nostalgia invades our mind and our being.

When we remember the innocence we once experienced. Both within us and in those around us.

Remembering the past can be a moment of joy that warms us, but it can also be a time of tightness in the heart. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a past without grief, but to be honest, I think this is impossible. Everyone at least once in their lives experiences pain.

But the truth is that this pain or joy has passed. It’s right behind us. It is part of our past.

And even if I had the chance to forget the past, or at least the less good memories, I would not want to. Not at all. It was here, in the past, that I learned what I know today. It was just there, in the past that I kept so many good memories.

Innocence for me is something I will never leave behind. It’s something that warms me up. I love innocence. I love knowing that we all have within us that innocent and joyful child spirit that loves to share and live the moment.

Nostalgia is good. If we join our nostalgia to our memories and accompany this moment with a hot drink listening the rain, for me, that same moment, is another one of those memories that will stay in my thoughts until the end of my days.

Seven of Cups

Oh my God, there’s so much going on in my head right now. So many options and possible paths. So much that I want to achieve. But the truth is that I don’t know what’s the best option, what’s the best way to go. I have no idea. I’m full of doubts.

I lose myself in this immense imagination that takes over my mind.

I desire everything. I imagine everything, but the truth is that I can’t make this imagination of mine come true. I stand there, just imagining, living all that, but only in my mind and in my heart. I can not pass this on to my outside world.

There’s so much going on in my head.

How can I choose? How can I decide in the midst of so many things that catches my eye?

I think I’m so ambitious that I always want more and more.

Deep down I know I can’t choose all these options at the same time. But the truth is that I can’t pick just one either.

So, being thus, I will remain here, dreaming, wishing, imagining, living all this in my mind. And I hope that in the meantime, I can finally decide.

Eight of Cups

Enough! There is nothing left to do. The only thing I can do now is to leave all these emotions behind and to follow my path. It reaches a point in our life, when we realize that what we have at the moment no longer fulfill us, no longer satisfies us. And that moment has come for me. I’ve spent a lot of time on all of this, but the truth is that I can’t get anything out of here anymore. I will move on, I will look for other emotions, other circumstances. None of this holds me any longer. I’ll leave you here and I’ll walk around, and don’t look back. 

Nine of Cups

See, see all my cups. Aren’t they beautiful?

They represent all my wishes fulfilled. I feel so pleased, so proud of myself, I feel truly satisfied.

And I’m not afraid to show them to anyone who wants to see it. They are here exactly to be seen. Watching them also reminds me of everything I have achieved.

I’m not leaving here. I feel so close to them that nothing else matters to me.

Here are my trophies, my achievements and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

Ten of Cups

Oh how nice! Are you feeling the same as me? This immense joy, this peace that overflows, this happiness that controls us. We are so grateful.

Everything is ok, and I feel like everything will stay this way for a long time.

We are here, together, as a happy family. I could not ask for anything else. Nothing or anyone at this moment can rob us this feeling!

My heart overflows with love, happiness and gratitude.

Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords

What is this in front of me? Where did this hand come from? She holds a sword, and this sword contains a crown. Where it comes from, I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter to me either. The truth is she’s offering me this wonderful gift.

I know that everything that comes from the heavens comes from love and truth.

I feel a tremendous mental strength right now. It seems that something very strong has taken hold of my mind and also has offered me an enormous clarity of thought.

How will I use this wonderful gift?

I feel like there are new beginnings. I feel a great hunger for conquest, a great hunger for success.

I feel that at this moment I am moved by truth and clarity.

It seems that from one moment to the other my mind has strengthened, and I feel that with this enormous strength I will undoubtedly achieve many things, success and always with my clarity of thought and truth to accompanying me! Let’s do this!

Two of Swords

I feel a huge blockage. I just can’t decide.

I’ve covered my eyes, so that nothing can distract me from my decision.

I feel that I have to protect myself, after all, my decision will bring me consequences. I need to choose with clarity of thought and use my rational and logical side. I need to think and ponder a lot.

It’s so hard when we don’t know what to do. It’s so difficult when we find ourselves in an impasse that we can’t seem to figure it out.

At this moment I am blocking everything that comes from the outside, so that nothing interferes with my mind thoughts. Right now I feel defensive. When we don’t know what to do, we are afraid, afraid to make a mistake, afraid to choose, afraid to decide. Everything becomes much more complicated, and I can’t seem to get out of this state of mind any soon.

Three of Swords

It hurts, it hurts a lot. We all want the truth. We all want the reality to be exposed to us. But sometimes the truth hurts, sometimes the reality costs to accept. And this pain often breaks our hearts to pieces. When we realize it’s hurting, it seems like the pain gets even stronger. The truth can be very harsh. Reality can be difficult to accept. But we all want the truth. All of us, at the end of the day, prefer to be hurt with it than to be deceived by the lie. 

Four of Swords

Here he was, finally resting after his hard battles. The swords on the wall were the living proof of his victorious battles. But he felt no pride in them, and he felt the immense desire to confess before God, and also to meditate a little to calm his mind. He needs to reflect on everything that has happened. The truth is that as long as he didn’t learn how to forgive those who caused him pain and suffering, he couldn’t rest properly. He really wanted to find peace in his mind. Then he lay down, calmly meditated, quietly confessed and quietly forgave. He was finally able to rest from all the stress that the fight caused him. 

Five of Swords

Sometimes it comes a time when we have to think about ourselves. Sometimes it comes a time when we have to look for our own interests.

There are times when our mind is so focused on getting what we want, that we end up acting in a way that is not healthy at all. It’s not healthy for us, neither to the ones we defeat.

There are times when we come across someone who uses us as if we were steps of a ladder, which at the top has what we or they want to achieve.

The truth is that humanity isn’t always honored. The truth is that humanity doesn’t always act according to ethical values. The truth is that many times in our lives we experience acts of dishonor, deception, and often we are defeated.

Often, we adopt certain behaviors that do not conform to moral ethics.

No one is perfect, and no one is free that one day our less good side will take over us.

No one is free to find someone who does not act correctly with us.

Six of Swords

There he was, on his boat, ready to begin his journey. In the boat, he carried the swords that represented all his victories. But the truth is that no battle is welcome. There is no battle that has its positive side. After all this stress, he traveled to a calmer place, where he could recover and heal all his wounds. He longed for the moment when he could regain his strength and peace of mind. Which would not be easy at all. In that battle he saw many things that he wished he hadn’t. As well as needing to heal his wounds and his body, he also needed urgently to heal his mind and spirit. 

Seven of Swords

Roguery? Dishonesty? Manipulation? There is so much of this in this world. We have to act carefully every time we come across these characteristics. Be it in ourselves or in others. We’ve all been through this at least once in our lives. No one is free of it. It is easy to be a trickster, it is easy to be dishonest, it is easy to avoid responsibilities, but it takes a lot of skill to master the art of manipulation. These are all games. Powerful games, games that are not healthy. But they exist. We have to be able to identify them when they are presented to us. 

Eight of Swords

There she was. Hands tied, blindfolded, and surrounded by a fence made of swords. She could get away if she wanted to. But she feels trapped, afraid, she feels powerless. She prefers to stay there, instead of taking the blindfold off and facing the reality. She settled for being where she is. She can not think of getting out of there. She does not think she has any decision power at the moment. But she could let go. She just have to want. All she had to do is fight her fear, have the courage to free herself, and get out. But for now, she is there and she have accepted her restraint, her impotence, she resigned herself. As long as she can not face reality, she will remain there. 

Nine of Swords

There he was, at dawn and still unable to sleep. Anxiety took over him. His worries caused him anguish. Maybe he felt guilty. Maybe he was feeding the monsters in his head that caused him such great anxiety and worry. Sometimes our mind makes reality a lot uglier than it really is. If we let our minds control us, we’re not going anywhere. We have to control our mind. We have to learn to calm those thoughts that haunt us daily. As long as we can not achieve this control under ourselves, then control will be in our mind, and then anxiety, anguish, worry will surely take over us.

Ten of Swords

And there he was, lying on the ground with ten swords in his back. He accepted that it was the end. He felt defeated. He hit the bottom. He felt victimized by cruelty. He accepted the role of martyr and sacrificed himself. But the truth is that a new day would be born. He could already see it, right there in the background. In a few moments he will get up, remove each sword, one by one. He will take a deep breath and embrace the new day, and then he will understand that he must raise his head again and continue his life. 

Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles

Oh, am I seeing right? I see a hand coming out of a cloud holding a coin. Wow! What a beautiful and powerful vision. Is it for me? I don’t know, but I feel so! And being something from heaven, I know it is offered to me with love and security. I feel a material force coming toward me. A new beginning. Suddenly I feel that achieving prosperity is possible. I feel able to use my practical nature. What am I going to do with this gift? I can use it to create material stability in my life. I can use the practicality I am feeling to invest in something that will give me security and comfort. I feel that at any moment I can have an idea that can bring me prosperity. What have I done to deserve this divine gift? I don’t know, but I know for sure that I will use it as best as I can. 

Two of Pentacles

And there he is, with a coin in each hand juggling. The coins are inside the symbol of infinity, which leads me to believe that he doesn’t know how long he will have to stay there, trying to balance his coins.

This juggling can be fun, but because it’s for an indefinite time, the fun can end.

Is he trying to balance his financial life by keeping two sources of income? Two jobs at the same time?

Is he trying to balance two relationships at once?

Is he trying to balance two options in his life?

Is he trying to keep the balance between his emotions and his mind?

Everything is possible. What is certain is that he is trying to keep his balance.

For this he has to be flexible. He has to be able to play with two situations simultaneously, whatever they are.

Three of Pentacles

The sculptor, the architect and the priest are sharing their ideas and creativity.

After all, three heads thinking are always better than one.

It takes a lot of skill and planning to succeed in teamwork.

They support each other, they talk about their diverse opinions, and they always reach a consensus.

They are the best to perform the task at hand.

Four of Pentacles

And there he is, clutching his four coins with great determination. There are those who call him a materialist, for he is somewhat attached to his material possessions. But this is not always a bad thing. He is quite spared, he knows how to make good money. He needs to feel in control. He does not deal well with loss. He may also, in a way, be a person who doesn’t like change. He blocks them. After all, changes often make us lose control of certain situations. He likes everything to be where he left it. But the truth is that he has what he has today because he has always worked hard to achieve it. He fights for what he wants and gives his best. 

Five of Pentacles

It is so cold, and we feel weak and sick.

What a difficult time these are. It is so difficult to go through all this and to be rejected.

It’s painful, it hurts.

Here alone, we wander the streets. If only someone would help us. If only someone would welcome us.

I see a window. It seems to me to be a church by its standards.

Is help close? Can I swallow my pride and ask lovingly for a little corner to warm me up and a bread to eat?

I’ll try! The “no” always guaranteed. But I hope from the bottom of my heart that someone will give us a hand.

Six of Pentacles

There was the merchant, and at his feet two beggars.

The merchant is undoubtedly someone who has resources and who in a way can help those who need it.

With one hand he gives a little of what he has to one of them, but in the other hand he holds the scales of decision. In a way, it seems that this scale serves to measure who should or shouldn’t receive what he has to give. Who is worthy of his help.

That being said, we know that he dominates the situation.

The beggars are there, kneeling, somewhat submissive. Clearly none of them have the resources to be able to survive without having to ask for help. And there they are, asking for help from those who have what they don’t have.

Humbly they thank for the help they have received. They appreciate the resources they have now.

Before the merchant departed, they stopped him and said, “The best way we have to thank you is to promise you that someday we will be in your position, and we will certainly help those who are as we were once! Thank you so much”.

Seven of Pentacles

Oh this waiting! I have to be patient. I can not rush! I have had so much work and care to plant these seeds that they are finally about to bear fruit. I’m anxious. But I can not do anything before the right moment. This is my reward. I’ll finally reap what I planted with so much love and care. Just a little more. Is almost done! And when I am ready, when I can finally take these fruits out, I will be able to enjoy them to the fullest. 

Eight of Pentacles

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. Eight coins, all made by me. I am learning, I am practicing and improving each one of them. The importance of the small details is enormous. It is through them that I see my progress. I want to continue practicing and improving my skills. I won’t stop until I feel satisfied at 200%. I will give everything of myself in this wonderful learning. 

Nine of Pentacles

And here she was. Elegant and independent. Everything she has at this point has been hit with time. But this time was worth it. She is independent. She has all the luxury she has ever dreamed of. She lives in the midst of the abundance that she has created. She always heard they say, “Slow down if you want to go far.” And that became her motto. She always knew she could do it. She had confidence in herself. After all, a strong, independent woman by nature will always strive to maintain that same independence. And today, she enjoys everything she has built and all the abundance and luxury she has gained.

Ten of Pentacles

Oh what a good feeling! I feel free of problems. I am content with everything I have achieved. I feel rich. Both financially and emotionally. I could not ask for more than this. I have my loyal friends with me, I see my son, daughter-in-law and grandson happy and safe. All because I made sure nothing was missing. I finally feel prosperity around me. I feel safe. And above all, I know that I was successful in everything I struggled to achieve. 

Court Cards


Hello, I’m the Page of Wands.

I am always a child, regardless of my age. I am always in an environment surrounded by dynamism, charisma, joy, creativity and above all with great energy and enthusiasm.

I love being dynamic, I always have initiative or I’m always willing to do exciting activities. I have constant joy in myself, and that makes me very energetic. If you’re with me, you’re always doing something fun. Yes, because even if you are not like me, my energy will infect you! 

I’m very creative, I love to imagine things in my head and make them come true! I love to infect everyone around me with my personality.

Sometimes I can be a bit reckless, I’m a bit careless and I don’t care much about danger.

But because I’m so stubborn and restless, I end up doing things anyway.

Sometimes they call me irresponsible. But I don’t do it in a bad way, I am inattentive by nature. I can’t change that in myself. It may be that when I grow up these qualities change as well. But, I promise nothing!

Anyway, I’m unique in my own way.

Hello, I’m the Knight of Wands.

I am an adventurer by nature, I am bold, confident, intense, and a little daring. I am quite extroverted; I like to be among strangers and to make myself known.

 I’ve always noticed that I attract all those around me. But I do not do it on purpose; I’ve already been told that I do not even realize when this happens. 

I love my aggression. When I say this, I do not mean physical force. I am referring to the fact that when I want something very much, my aggressiveness somehow helps me to get it. In a good way.

However, having this positive aggressiveness in me sometimes also means that I can use that aggressiveness in a less positive way. But I don’t do it for evil. It’s me, I was born this way. There are those who say that I am impetuous, when I’m angry I look like a hurricane. But not out of spite. Sometimes I can’t control it. Then when I calm down, I can think more clearly and maybe see that I may not have acted the best way. I’ll try to work on it.

There are those who call me convinced and say that I’m too confident. Maybe they’re right. Sometimes I can feel this excessive trust in me. But also, if I do not have confidence in me, no one will. I have to be this way.

I also notice that sometimes I am a bit hasty, impulsive, nervous, and even careless.

Yes, I know, none of these characteristics are positive. But the truth is that right now I can’t change that in myself. I have not yet learned how to control this side of myself. But maybe I can change a little when I become a responsible adult.

Hi, I’m the Queen of Wands!

I love adventure, I hate monotony. I’m pretty intense in everything I do. I am bold, brave, dynamic and have a certain charisma, and I do infect everyone around me with my joy. I’m pretty confident and maybe a bit cheeky, and that makes me attract all those around me. I am not saying this only in terms of sexuality, but in general terms. I do not do it on purpose, this is who I am, since I was a child, I am extroverted by nature. I am quite creative and an enthusiastic. Whoever is around me can not be quiet. I don’t let it. And that makes it all so much more fun.

I’m very energetic, I’m always very busy, making a thousand things in the same day.

I’m pretty lush, I love showing off, but not in the wrong way. I love being noticed for what I am, I have no shame in showing others the fire I have in me. When I love, I am ardent, I am passionate, I am bold, and I will be honest, I love having this feline side inside me.

I’m pretty strong. It’s not anything that throws me down.

Some people say that I am a bit impetuous, when I get angry I seem like an erupting volcano, and it shows my temper to those around me.

I can sometimes be aggressive, I know, I shouldn’t. But aggressiveness is in me. Aggressiveness is not always a bad thing. It was with it that I managed to achieve much until today. But the truth is that having this aggressiveness in me, I can not always control it, and sometimes I use it at less appropriate times. I’m a little anxious, I hate waiting. I’m also sometimes a little impulsive and hasty. I know, I’ve lived moments when I’ve regretted it. But the truth is that my stubbornness does not let me control this side of me. I’m stubborn, yes, but this is something that no matter how hard I fight I can not change it. It’s part of me.

There are those who call me superficial, they say that I care about the external world a lot. The truth is that I care a lot about looks and pretty things. But I do not think that’s a very negative thing. I just give importance to certain things that make me feel good about myself.

I’m also a bit careless. Some say I look like an elephant in a pottery shop. I do not do it for evil, I swear! But since I always have a thousand thoughts in my head, or I’m always doing a thousand things at the same time, I lose my attention in some details.

But the truth is that I think all these features are exactly what makes me unique.

Hi, I’m the King of Wands.

I am adventurous by nature. I live everything intensely. I live as if today was the last day of my life.

I love having the courage and boldness to be like this. Some say I’m a hero. Not in a Robin Hood way, but because I have in me an enthusiastic force and a great joy, and I can always excite and rejoice those around me in the same way, and also because no adventure is too hardcore for me. The more intense it is, the more I crave it. 

They say I’m the soul of the party. They say that my charm never goes unnoticed.

I am cheerful, confident, and quite extroverted. Partying is with me. I love being surrounded by fun and adventure.

When I want something very much, I fight with all the aggressiveness that is in me to obtain it.

I’m pretty strong. This force has already helped me a lot in the most difficult moments of my life. But the truth is that my enthusiasm for life is not shaken by these moments.

Sometimes I can be a bit too aggressive. Maybe my words are a bit strong, or my attitudes are not the softest, maybe it’s a bit stiff. But the truth is that since I was a child I have always been like this. If I have something to say, I say! Yes I know, sometimes I could be a little more sensible or patient. But there are things that just make me crazy.

They say I have too much confidence. Maybe that’s what makes me not having afraid of nothing. But the truth is that it feels good to be like this. Exactly as I am. I’ve always been stubborn, and I kick my foot until I get what I want.

They say that I can sometimes be a bit self-centred and superficial. Maybe they’re right. The truth is that I am very concerned with my appearance and what I have. After all, I work every day to stay healthy and to achieve my goals.

I do not like monotony, and that does not make it easy to take root. I like to be always on the move.

And this is me, like, a little crazy. But the truth is that I love myself exactly as I am!


Hi, I’m the Page of Cups!

I am always a child, regardless of my age.

I am very affectionate and kind. I do not know why but I love giving and receiving affection.

I am very calm; I like to be in my corner enjoying my imagination. 

I love to dream, both awake and asleep. When I dream, I travel from this world to the other.

I’m fairly quiet, but I have a lot of joy inside me, and I like to share it with those I trust.

I am also very attentive; I am always watching everything, from my quiet corner.

I’m delicate, and maybe a little fragile. I am easily impressed with the hardest things in life.

Sometimes they say that I seem a little sad, and that I am also sometimes too sensitive. When I hurt myself I cry a lot, they call me cheesy and tell me to be rested that the guts will not leave my body. When they tell me this, I get a little grumpy, pouting and sulking. I do not like it when they devalue what I feel.

They also say that I am lazy. Yes, they may be right. Maybe I can change this a bit when I grow up. I’m quite passive; I do not like to get into trouble. As I said, I like my quietness. I end up being a bit introverted, but I do not do it in a bad way, it’s just my nature.

And this is me, a heart made of butter, with a lot of qualities, some bad, some good, but all of them make me unique.

Hello, I am the Knight of Cups!

I am quite a friend of my friend; I like to give affection and to receive it as well. I am very considerate, if I see someone on the street needing a hand, even if it is unknown to me, I offer my support. I am supportive, and it makes me feel good about myself.

I’m quite dreamy, since I was a child; I’ve never lost this side of mine. I am imaginative and very attentive.

The truth is that I am an authentic romantic; I love to say beautiful things in the ear of my beloved. 

I have no fear of intimacy; on the contrary, I crave for it. Sometimes I know how to be pretty mellow, but I keep that middle grounded. Not too much or too little. I’m quite understanding. I like to get in the shoes of others and try to feel what they are feeling.

Sometimes I like to be quiet, in my corner, it’s like my moment.

I’m also very patient; it takes a lot to take me to the extreme. However, this is not impossible. When they get me out of myself I can achieve a fairly aggressive level of hysteria. But as I said, it takes a lot to get me in that state.

They say that sometimes I look a little sad, negative, moody and even sulky. I know, they’re right. Sometimes negativism takes over me, and therefore I feel very down. I can’t avoid. I think we all go through these phases on a few daily basis.

Sometimes I also know that I can be too emotional. I think I feel things in my heart too much. They say that that makes me weak. Maybe a little bit, but I don’t think that this weakness prevents me from being strong when I have to be. I simply let myself go easily below, but the truth is that to this day I have always been able to rise again and raise my head.

They’ve called me self-centred and insolent, and maybe they’re right. Maybe it is, yes, but I’m not always like that. Only sometimes! I think its part of me!

The truth is that many say I lack personality. I disagree. I have my personality defined, and also part of it yet to be defined. I think it’s perfectly natural. We all have our personality; whether it is more pronounced or not, we all have it and I do not escape the rule.

Hi, I’m the Queen of Cups.

I love to please the ones I love. I love giving and receiving affection. When I love, I love with all my heart.

I live to do good deeds. I am quite calm and quiet.

I love helping those who need it; the truth is that they say I am a healer. No, I have no special power; I simply use my words of solidarity and my wisdom to help those who turn to me.

I am very understanding, kind, patient and worried. I can’t help it, it’s really mine. 

When someone shares their feelings with me, I feel a real deep empathy. I am quite easily moved by the harsh realities of life. The truth is that not only with this, the truth is that a simple dance, a simple music, a landscape of this magnificent nature that we have in the world excites me! I find it easy enough to cry. With everything, it is incredible. 

A sad or joyful film, a story full of emotion, all this touches me deeply in the heart.

I’m a dreamy cream. I spend my days dreaming, imagining, and the truth is that I love doing it. I don’t know how to explain this, I don’t just dream, I don’t just imagine, I really feel what’s going on in my head.

I love communicating with my intuition. It talks with me and I hear, I feel it. I’m quite introspective, so I can easily receive the messages she has to give me.

As you must have noticed, I am a very spiritual being; I love everything that is connected to this world. 

The truth is that since I was a child I always asked myself the reason of life, what its purpose. I don’t believe we have this gift, this magnificent gift that we call life only to come to earth to reproduce, to work and to sustain ourselves. Not at all. I believe we have a great and fantastic purpose. A mission we have to do while still breathing.

Romanticism? Oh, this is me. I’m a romantic cream, I love intimacy. Sometimes I’m a little sweet, but the truth is that with my imagination, I can make romanticism fun and cheerful. It is a mixture of feelings.

They say I’m rather delicate and fragile. Yes, I am. I’m too emotional and overly sensitive at times, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t change that in myself. It’s something I can’t control. It’s a very strong feeling that takes over me.

I’m patient, and to take me out of control, it takes a lot. But the truth is that if you step on me many times, you reach a moment when you can see that my patience has limits. I can reach a level of hysteria like no one else. Do not want me around that time, ahah!

I’m lazy? Oh, a little, yes! But what shall I say? I love being wrapped up in a blanket watching movies or reading a good book.

The truth is that I’m quite introverted sometimes. Sometimes I push people away from me. But it’s not in a bad way, I just want to enjoy my own world.

I’m pretty melancholy too, and sometimes a little negative. But that’s more when I feel grumpy and sulky. At this point my temper completely changes.

Oh come on, do not judge me. We all go through this, don’t we?

The truth is that I’m a butter heart; I can’t hold a grudge for long. I may have all these defects, but my qualities also make me proud of who I am.

Hello, I am the King of Cups.

I am very human, merciful, calm and peaceful. I don’t like confrontation or any type of confusion.

 I am benevolence in person.

I am very affectionate and considerate. I’ve always been like this since I was a kid. I feel empathy for others’ problems, and I always like to help when I can.

They say that men shouldn’t be sensitive; they say that it weakens the image of Man.

I do not agree, at all. I am sensitive yes; I am worried about those I love. And that does not make me any less of a man. I think it makes me a man who is not afraid to show kindness and understanding. That does not make me weak, quite the opposite. It takes a lot of strength to demonstrate what we really are and what we feel.

I love intimacy, I love being this dreamer and having this imagination so fertile I have in me.

I’m very introspective; I really like my quiet, my little corner.

I’m romantic, and I love it! I am sensitive to what I feel and what others feel.

I am cordial and quite tolerant. They say that being like this; I’ll let people hurt me easily. But make no mistake, I am sweet, but I am wise. I have been through a lot in this life, and all this has served to give me the wisdom I have today.

Sometimes they say that I am too emotional, too sensitive, and often sad. They call me corny, negative and grumpy. Yes, they may be right in some part. But this does not make me weak. 

 When I go through one of these less good stages, I end up getting carried away by the mix of negative feelings that grips me. But do not be fooled. This phase does not last forever.

They also say that sometimes I get the idea of ​​being self-assured and also a bit self-centred. Yes, I agree. I am! I like my comfort and above all I think of myself and my well being! What evil has that? None. I don’t stop being who I am just for giving me importance. On the opposite. If I don’t do it, no one will do it for me.


Hello, I’m the Page of Swords.

They say I’m a smart kid. And I kind of agree. I am very analytical, observer and intelligent. I love learning, and I can easily do it.

I am quite correct, fair and truthful. If you ask me my opinion I will give it exactly as I think I should give it. If you don’t want to hear criticism, do not ask. Because I’m going to give them if I think that’s how it has to be.

When I do, they tell me, “Oh, sometimes you can be so abrupt!” Maybe a little yes, but I am only if I think that somehow it will help you.

They say that sometimes I am not very sympathetic, I can be distant, disconnected, sometimes a bit reserved, and yes, I agree. I’m not an affectionate person. I’m really a bit cold.

They also say that sometimes I can be a bit reckless, maybe they’re right. The truth is that I have a dominant temper, and that makes me want to dominate even the danger.

In fact, affection is not my strength, but if you want someone who tells you the truth and who gives you constructive criticism, I am the person you are looking for!

Hi, I’m the Knight of Swords.

I am a very rational and clear-minded person. I don’t like rodeos. What I have to say I say. I always speak the truth, even though it does hurt, and I always use a very clear speech. I am quite objective and logical in what I say and do.

I’m cunning, and I love this side of mine. It’s not anyone who fool’s me. 

I am also somewhat authoritarian, don’t get me wrong, I am always correct, truthful and fair. But the truth is that I like to show my authority in any situation. I have this strong personality.

I am a born visionary and a great observer, I am always thinking about the next step and the possibilities of the future.

They say that sometimes I can be arrogant, abrupt, cold and opinionated. Yes, you are quite right. I’m really like that. I don’t feel the need to please anybody and I’m not a fake person. They call me insensitive, reserved, off, and accuse me of showing no affection. What do you want me to do? You want me to go against my nature to please you? Sorry, it will not happen.

The truth is, I like to keep control under me and under what surrounds me.

Hello, I am the Queen of Swords.

If you are looking for someone who is true, dignified, correct, honest, ethical and fair, that’s me!

I don’t like fakes, lies and games. I am a very good observer and intelligent, so believe me when I say  that if you try to be like this with me I will notice at first!

You can have all of me if you’re right with me.

I am very analytical; I have a great facility in correctly analyzing everything that surrounds me. I have a clear mind, and I speak with the same clarity. I can be very explicit, which facilitates any kind of communication.

I’ve always been very direct. I am incisive and very rational. I also know how to deal with emotions of course, but the truth is that the intellectual fascinates me. I am very educated and informed, so we can talk about whatever you want. I will go with the flow wisely.

I have the power to know how to be impartial when I have to be. I’m fair, I always was. My moral and ethical values ​​represent a lot to me and I honour them until the end.

Some say I’m a little distant, somewhat arrogant, cold, and a bit disconnected. Maybe yes. But not with everyone. Those who are very close to my heart and who gain my confidence know my most loving side. But yes, I am very careful where I put my trust.

They also say that sometimes they think that I am not understanding, that I can be insensitive, intolerant and indifferent. Maybe they’re right. The truth is that I have such a logical and rational mind that there are things I just can’t tolerate. It’s part of me. But that doesn’t make me a bad person. I’m just transparent and at no time do I make freights to please anyone. Like I told you, you can only expect true from me.

Autocratic? Dogmatic Yeah, maybe a little. When I think I’m right, I don’t make room for discussion. That’s it and that’s it.

Yes, I may also have some difficulty in showing affection and may even be a bit reserved. But as I have already mentioned, I am like this for those who are not part of my core of confidence. Prove me that you are worthy of it, and I will show you my most loving side.

Hello, I am the King of Swords.

I am a person with a very rational and logical mind. I can’t be fooled easily. I am a very good observer, analytical and above all cunning. I can analyze everything that goes on around me, even what not everyone sees.

If something does not seem right, I’ll say it, in the exact moment! I am very direct and incisive. I attach great importance to my ethical and moral values ​​and above all I am faithful to them.

From me you can always expect honesty, even if sometimes my words hurt, I will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want me to tell you.

I can’t bear injustice and I always honour this side of myself.

The truth is that I am a visionary, I think a lot in the future and I don’t take a step without thinking about the consequences.

I love to know everything that goes on in the world and I love learning. New cultures, innovative ideas, things that stimulate my mind.

Sometimes they tell me that I look a little distant, cold, off and even arrogant. Yes, they are right. I’m not easy to give myself and to show my emotions. I like to protect myself and only reveal what I want to reveal. I have a lot of control over myself.

They have also called me abrupt and too critical; I have already been called insensitive and intolerant, and have already been called autocratic and dogmatic. Well, the truth is that I recognize that I have a little of each of these characteristics. Sometimes I can be crude in my words and easily criticize what doesn’t seem right to me. I can also be a little insensitive and intolerant towards others, but I don’t do it for evil, seriously, it’s just my way of being. 

Autocratic and dogmatic? Yes, too, but not always. But the truth is that I try to do things my way, and I do not make room for much discussion. I have and will always have a very strong fist to defend what I believe.

I am a reserved person, yes, and don’t show affection easily. But if you show yourself worthy of my trust and what I have to give, I am able to love deeply, but in my own way.


Hello, I am the Page of Pentacles.

I have a great determination to fight for what I want. I’m quite reliable, I don’t like lying, and the truth is that I don’t even know how to do it. I am loyal to myself and to those I love.

I’m quite skilled, everything I do I try my best to do it right. I am also very creative, and very organized. I don’t like to leave things here and there. However I am very practical, I can carry out the task that is given me with whatever tool I have at hand.

I’m so stubborn, that’s true. But I think that stubbornness is what also makes me persistent and end up getting what I want.

They say that sometimes I can be a little annoying, difficult to deal with and even unpleasant. Well, maybe they’re right. When I want something very hard I literally don’t give up until I get it, and this can become a bit difficult for those who are putting up with me.

I am also very careful, sometimes too much. But what shall I do? It’s my nature. I can’t act without thinking, and sometimes I do not venture.

Shyness accompanies me too, I can’t be as outgoing as I sometimes liked. But again I say, it’s part of me.

And that’s it, that’s me. Some good things, some less good things, but all this is what makes me so unique.

Hello, I am the Knight of Pentacles!

I’m very hard working, and I like to be this way. That’s where I can use my best skills. I am skilled, effective and very productive. It’s this passion for working and being someone who moves me. 

I am very organized and practical. I like to have everything in the right place and I am very careful about my things and those of others as well. Everything I have achieved so far it was through my strength and determination.

I am quite realistic and prudent, which makes it easier for me to make decisions.

I am also very solid, confident and loyal. The ones I love have all of me.

Now, but like everyone I also have my less good qualities.

Where do I start?! I am extremely stubborn. Some people even say obsessive. Well, yes, I confess. When I want something very much, or when I think I’m right I do not give a step back and I always carry my way.

Materialistic? Yes. All I got was with my effort or persistence. If it’s mine, it’s mine. And the truth is that I am ambitious, and I always want more.

They say that sometimes I can be a little pessimistic and that I do not venture. With this I seem to be a bit annoying, is not it? Perhaps. I know how to have fun, but in my own way. Risking is not my strength.

I am a serious person and the truth is that sometimes I have difficulty being spontaneous and I do not give many wings to my imagination. That makes the person I’m with complaining about not being  that romantic. I don’t really fall for it honestly. I am more connected to the material world than to the emotional world. It’s how I am, I was born that way.

I’m a hardhead but loyal and trustworthy. And for that, I also demand that people give me the same. If I am someone you can trust, I will also have to trust you for you to get to know my best side.

Hello, I am the Queen of Pentacles.

I am a very reliable person, very down-to-earth and realistic. 

I like to keep everything under control.

I am very hard working, and I carry out every task I have in my hands with a lot of efficiency and organization. I am rather meticulous and practical in everything I do.

I really like to have my independence. I am quite determined to achieve my goals. I’m a fighter.

I have always been very responsible and prudent. I don’t take a step without studying everything in the least detail. But my creativity takes me far. I can easily produce good results in everything I do.

The truth is that I make lists for everything; I don’t like to forget anything.

I am certainly a great entrepreneur, and when I dedicate myself to something, I dedicate myself 200%.

I am also a very welcoming person. When I have guests I insist on giving them the best care. All very well planned to provide the best comfort.

I am a generous person and I like to support those who need me whenever I can. I’m quite loyal to my people.

But of course, as we all I also have my less good qualities.

I am extremely stubborn, pissed, and stiff-minded when I think I am right. And with my persistence it becomes quite difficult to bend me. But hey, I also know when and how to admit if I’ve made a mistake. Although it’s not that usual.

Sometimes I’m also a bit pessimistic and don’t like to venture. There I am, I am very perfectionist and sometimes too cautious.

I’ve also been told that I’m too organized. Well, maybe they’re right. The truth is that I really like having my things on my way, and I don’t like it when I need something that is not where I left off.

They also say that I am a little materialistic. Yes, you’re right. But I don’t see any harm in this. Yes, I like to have my things, the things I got through my effort and dedication. Yes, I value material things that I possess. After all, they are mine. And yes, I also like to always have more and more. But once again I say, everything I have or everything I still want, I will have because I am going to work for  it. I don’t need anyone to do it for me.

Yes, I am a bit conventional, yes I can be serious or shy at times, but if you are looking for someone you can trust, if you are looking for someone to give you a hand when you need it, this is me!

Some good things, others less good, but all this is what makes me so special.

Hello, I am the King of Pentacles.

I love being always busy with a thousand and one projects at hand. I am quite competent and practical in everything I do. I am also very meticulous and organized. Organization for me is the key to success.

I am a very reliable, determined and realistic person. When I have a decision to make, I draw heavily on my more rational and careful side. But I don’t go round and round. If I have to decide, I’ll decide.

I will always be a good entrepreneur and industrious.

Whatever tasks I have in hand I do with consistency and creativity. I’m pretty productive.

One day sitting watching TV, for many it may be great, but not for me.

I am also very loyal to the ones I love. I take my responsibilities to the end, I am fairly solid and stable. I like to be constant.

If you need me, I’ll be there to support you as much as I can. I’m generous but not stupid.

I have an unshakable strength. It’s not anything that throws me down.

I’m extremely stubborn. Some people say that sometimes I am difficult to handle, that I am very conventional. Maybe they’re right. The truth is that I defend what I believe very hard, which sometimes makes me a little inflexible and rigid. I don’t do it in a harmful way, that’s how I was educated.

They say that humour is not my strength, that I am very serious. Yes maybe. But the truth is that I have fun in my own way.

They call me materialist. They know it! Well, all I have, I got through my effort and sweat, and everything I still want, I will get it in the same way. I give a lot of value to the material world, yes. They always taught me to be like that. And the truth is that I enjoy being like this.

Sometimes I’m also a little pessimistic. I don’t like to venture without thinking about the consequences of my actions. I’m not very spontaneous . I am very solid and firm in my actions.

And here I am! A fairly down-to-earth person, quite realistic and quite reliable. If you are looking for someone to help you see things as they are and to motivate you to achieve your goals, this is me. I may be cold and perhaps too rigid, but the truth is that it’s all brought me to where I am today.

Short Bio: Joana

Ever since Joana was a little girl, she’s been fascinated by spirituality, and wondered about our purpose in life. She discovered her true path — helping people through her work with the Tarot. She’s always been the person to whom all her friends turned towards for advice, or to talk about the stuff in their hearts. As an empath, she has always sensed the pain of others around her.

As she studied the Tarot, she dove deep into books and learned about the various perspectives within the world of the Tarot. All of it fascinated her a lot. Finally, she has found a way to connect with the cards and to let them speak to her. She firmly believes that the Tarot is a wonderful tool that helps her connect with her Higher Self and with the Universe. If she asks a question, she receives an answer. 

“Destiny isn’t set in stone,” she believes, “and we can always change our circumstances through our choices and actions.” She wants to help people understand how they too can be the the ‘writers’ of their own lives, especially with the help of the Tarot cards. “A Tarot Card Reading shows us what type of energies we have around us,” she explains, “and if we know what type of energies we have around us and within us, we can learn how to work with them in order to make that energy beneficial to ourselves.”

Get in touch with her via FaceBook.

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