Understanding The Court Cards

This is the first, introductory post in a series of articles where I am going to talk about the Court Cards in the Tarot card deck. Court Cards are often perceived as very difficult to understand. Especially when you are learning the Tarot, understanding the meaning...

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The Suit of Pentacles

In the Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth. Earth is stable and steady – it is tangible and materialistic. Therefore, the Suit of Swords talks about situations in day-to-day life that deal with materialistic and practical matters. So let us...

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The Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups in the Tarot represents the element of Water. Water flows and takes the shape of the container that it is kept in. Water can be soothing and refreshing, and it can also cause floods. Water may not be harmful to touch, but it is strong enough to break...

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The Suit of Swords

The Suit of Swords in a Tarot deck is a representation of the element of Air. Air is something that one can’t really see – but one can feel it. It is invisible, but one can sense its presence when it flows. And Air can flow both slowly or fast – it can be a...

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The Suit of Wands

In the Tarot, The Suit of Wands represents the element of Fire. Fire is hot, and burns. It is also the representation of passion, desire and that kind of energy that burns as it moves upwards. The Suit of Wands can therefore represent those areas in life where such...

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Major Arcana: Cycles of Life III

This is the concluding part of the articles in this series. And as is fitting with the theme of conclusion, I shall be looking at the pair of cards from the Major Arcana that talk about beginnings and endings – the most important aspects of any cycle. So, lets go...

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Major Arcana: Cycles of Life II

This is the second article in the series titled ‘Cycles of Life’ where I look into the concept of Cycles as I see them in the Major Arcana. Cycles are an inherent part of life – everything in it moves in a circular fashion. One of my favorite quotes from Children of...

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