Which Court Card Are You?

In our previous posts in the series about Understanding Court Cards, we’ve gone through the different court cards and their meanings etc. But then, the question that most of us still wonder about is: which court card most relates to our own personality? Discovering which court card you are can really be a very interesting journey. Believe me! And yes, it is a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness. So how does one go about finding one’s court card? Today, I am going to talk about some of the interesting ways I have discovered my court card. Possibly, that might help you discover yours as well… In the first article of this series, I had briefly touched upon a simple process for determining your court card. Know Which Court Card You Are: Astrology This is by far, the simplest method of getting one’s bearings in the world of court cards. Again, I am not saying that this is the ‘best’ or the most ‘correct’ method – but this is a start. For this you will need to know: Your Sun Sign (which is determined by your date of birth). And if you know your Moon Sign (which is determined by your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth), then it is even more interesting. Typically, the Sun Sign describes your outward personality traits, and the Moon Sign reveals your inner, or emotional personality traits. Right! So once we have that information, we can get down to finding out our court card. Since our Court Cards are parts of the suits, which are governed by the elements, which... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Kings

The Kings are right at the top of the hierarchy amongst all the Court Cards. They represent the absolute mature version of the personality in that suit. As such, they are stable and solid, and are completely in control over the effects of their element. They are capable of even directing the flow of the energies of their element. Where the ideas were conceived in the stage of the Page, acted upon in the Knight stage, nurtured and cared for in the Queen stage, these ideas have now fully developed and are stabilized and directed towards the next level of growth and development in the King stage. Lets look at the different Kings present in our Court Cards. In The Kings Court The Kings represent a very mature and stable man (or a masculine person) who is capable of stabilizing, managing, directing and controlling the energies of that suit. He makes sure that the idea has now become a viable final product, and he then makes sure that it reaches wherever it is supposed to go. He fosters the growth and maturity of the concept till finalization. Here are some typical interpretations for the Kings: He is a mature man who controls and directs. He is the one who literally runs the show. The Kings come up in readings to represent the presence of mature masculine energies. This could be in the shape of friends and family members who have such stable, solid personalities. In the court, the King rules supreme. He is the top boss – in charge of everyone around him, and that includes his Kingdom and... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Queens

In the Court Card hierarchy, the Queens stand third in line, right after the Pages and the Knights. The Queens represent someone who has now matured and added a healthy dose of understanding, and feminine energies of nurturing and caring to the actions that were taken. Essentially, in the stage of the Page, the ideas were conceived, and those ideas were acted upon in the Knight stage. But now, in the Queen stage, those actions are nurtured, cared for and developed further into a sustainable scenario. Lets look at the different Queens in our Tarot card deck. The Queens Within The Queens represent a mature woman (or someone who has feminine energies around) who is more prone to nurturing and caring for the ideas that were generated around her. She takes care and makes sure that the things that were set in motion receive the regular nourishment and sustenance that will keep them going. Here are some typical interpretations of the Queens in the Tarot court: She is a mature woman who nurtures and cares. She is loving and giving and can be motherly. Queens come up in a reading to depict the presence of feminine energies. These can be in the shape of female friends, or friends who have such loving personalities. In the King’s Court, the Queens are very loyal to their Kings. In the real world, these women are devoted to the males / people with such male energies around them. Queens are linked with the element of Water. Water signifies feelings, emotions, creativity and intuition. The Queens contain all these traits that are then expressed... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Knights

In the hierarchy of the Court Cards, the Knights stand second in line, right after the Pages. These Knights represent someone who has now matured from the child-like state of initial personality development, and is now a more action-oriented person. Whatever ideas and concepts took root in the Page stage are now acted upon in the Knight stage. Lets get to know the Knights of our Tarot Court on a much deeper level. All The Knights Around Me Overall, Knights represent a younger man (or someone with a masculine energy) that is more active and prone to doing something with the ideas he has. Here are some of the typical, basic interpretations of the Knights: Knights are young adults and are more prone to doing rather than conceptualizing. Knights also come up in readings to depict movement – in a standard Tarot card deck, all the Knights are seated on horses, which signify a good deal of moving around. In the King’s Court, the Knights served the Queen, and were her Champions. In today’s world, Knights can be found wooing and romancing women in their lives. Knights are linked to the element of Fire. Fire signifies passion, enthusiasm and energy. Knights contain all these traits and these are expressed through their different actions. Thus, overall the Knights signify action. Now, lets look at each of these Knights in greater detail. Knight of Wands Personality The Knight of Wands is Fire of Fire. He is passionate, enthusiastic and charming. He can really be a great person to hang around with. He likes to really have a good time – and... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Pages

In the hierarchy of the Tarot Court Cards, the Pages are the youngest in line. Pages often represent the very beginning of the development of the personality, and have a child-like quality about them. In many Tarot card decks, the Pages are also called Princesses. The energy of the Pages is often very child-like, young / immature, and feminine. Today, lets get to know the different Pages in our Tarot card deck. The Many Faces of The Pages As with any other card, the Pages are not limited by the different associations that create myriad interpretations. Some of the common interpretations of the Pages include: Pages are young and represent the beginning of the developing personality of a person. Hence, they are often come up in readings to represent children. Pages also come up in a reading when the client is experimenting with the beginning stages of any ideas or feelings or energies or projects. In the King’s Court, the Pages used to serve the Knights and often used to carry messages for them. Hence, Pages are also interpreted as messages. Pages are linked to the element of Air. Air is invisible, flowing and thought oriented. Hence Pages represent a very unrestrained form of the personality – where every small and large personality trait can often become quite pronounced. Overall, Pages are those Court Cards that signify beginnings. Now, lets look at each Page in more detail. Page of Wands Personality A Page of Wands represents the combination Air of Fire. Because he is the beginning surge of Fire energy, he is passionate, energetic, zealous, and playful. He is... read more

Understanding The Court Cards

This is the first, introductory post in a series of articles where I am going to talk about the Court Cards in the Tarot card deck. Court Cards are often perceived as very difficult to understand. Especially when you are learning the Tarot, understanding the meaning and essence of a Court Card can prove to be very difficult. I can tell from personal experience that getting to know what a Court Card stands for in a reading, or understanding the meaning of the different Court Cards in a spread is often quite difficult to interpret. However, over a period of time, the very same Court Cards become friends and allies in a reading. J So, lets begin! Court Cards represent people and their personalities. If you go by this statement, then you will find it pretty easy to connect with any Court Card in your readings. Finding The Court Cards In A Tarot Card Deck In every suit of the Minor Arcana, we find 4 Court Cards, namely, the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King. Thus, in a standard Tarot card deck, we find a total of 16 Court Cards. Court Cards – What’s In The Name? Sometimes, different decks have a different naming system for these Court Cards. For example, in the DruidCraft Tarot Deck, these cards are called the Princess, the Prince, the Queen and the King. Many people reason that with 3 males and 1 female, the traditional Court Card group is a little lopsided. Probably, that is why some decks choose to have a more balanced approach with the genders by distributing them... read more

The Suit of Pentacles

In the Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth. Earth is stable and steady – it is tangible and materialistic. Therefore, the Suit of Swords talks about situations in day-to-day life that deal with materialistic and practical matters. So let us see how the energy of the Earth element manifests itself in this cycle of ten cards from the Suit of Pentacles. The Cycle Begins… The cycle of the Suit of Pentacles begins with the Ace of Pentacles. As with all the other suits, this one also depicts a hand emerging from a cloud, and the hand is holding a big pentacle. Here is where a large chunk of material benefits has materialized itself in all its glory. The cycle has very fortunate beginnings where a path has therefore opened up, and no one knows where it may lead. Moving Along… The cycle of material benefits brings its positives and negatives with it. In the Two of Pentacles, we see how he is struggling with the infinite cycles driven by the two pentacles – his struggle to balance and to manage both the pentacles that he juggles in his hand. In the Three of Pentacles, however, we see how the presence of the material benefits has started to manifest and solidify in a very real and tangible sense – with the creation of the building. In the Four of Pentacles, again we see how it suddenly becomes possible, and even imperative for him to cling on to the materialistic aspects of life that are driven by the pentacles. Changes… The benefits of material things are more... read more
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