Which Court Card Are You?

In our previous posts in the series about Understanding Court Cards, we’ve gone through the different court cards and their meanings etc. But then, the question that most of us still wonder about is: which court card most relates to our own personality? Discovering... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Kings

The Kings are right at the top of the hierarchy amongst all the Court Cards. They represent the absolute mature version of the personality in that suit. As such, they are stable and solid, and are completely in control over the effects of their element. They are... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Queens

In the Court Card hierarchy, the Queens stand third in line, right after the Pages and the Knights. The Queens represent someone who has now matured and added a healthy dose of understanding, and feminine energies of nurturing and caring to the actions that were... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Knights

In the hierarchy of the Court Cards, the Knights stand second in line, right after the Pages. These Knights represent someone who has now matured from the child-like state of initial personality development, and is now a more action-oriented person. Whatever ideas and... read more

Tarot Court Cards – The Pages

In the hierarchy of the Tarot Court Cards, the Pages are the youngest in line. Pages often represent the very beginning of the development of the personality, and have a child-like quality about them. In many Tarot card decks, the Pages are also called Princesses. The... read more

Understanding The Court Cards

This is the first, introductory post in a series of articles where I am going to talk about the Court Cards in the Tarot card deck. Court Cards are often perceived as very difficult to understand. Especially when you are learning the Tarot, understanding the meaning... read more

The Suit of Pentacles

In the Tarot, the Suit of Pentacles represents the element of Earth. Earth is stable and steady – it is tangible and materialistic. Therefore, the Suit of Swords talks about situations in day-to-day life that deal with materialistic and practical matters. So let us... read more
Happy News

Happy News

Some of you may know this, but over the past few months or so, I've been writing a Tarot Book.

I think this book will really help you rev up your Tarot Card Reading skils a notch, and then some!

Of course, there's a lot more I still have to do before I can set it free into the world...However...

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