Archetypes in Tarot – The Persona

As we continue our journey within the archetypes in Tarot, we are now going to look at The Persona, which is defined as ‘the way we present ourselves to the world’. Our inner world has many dimensions. However, our outer world can also have several layers. All of...

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Archetypes in Tarot – The Shadow

Continuing our journey with the Archetypes in Tarot, we are now going to look at the archetype of The Shadow, which is said to be that part of our unconscious mind that includes our repressed desires, weaknesses, shortcomings and instincts. Lets look at how the Shadow...

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Archetypes in Tarot – The Self

As we have seen in our previous article, there are five main archetypes that Jung defines: the Self, the Shadow, the Anima, the Animus and the Persona. Of course, there are several other archetypes apart from these that are present within the images of the Tarot...

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Archetypes and Tarot

In many different posts on this blog, we’ve had a look at the concept of Archetypes. There are many different archetypes present in our Tarot card deck. I have been thinking of writing a series of posts about these different archetypes. But before we dive right into...

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The Personality Spread

After we’ve gone through the different personalities of the court cards in the Understanding the Tarot Court series, and having checked out how to find out our personal Tarot court card(s), I think it is but natural to talk about the Personality Spread. This...

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Which Court Card Are You?

In our previous posts in the series about Understanding Court Cards, we’ve gone through the different court cards and their meanings etc. But then, the question that most of us still wonder about is: which court card most relates to our own personality? Discovering...

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