The Devil Card

The Devil card is yet another card that tends to scare people whenever they see it pop up in a Tarot card. Some people might find the image on the card scary, while some may feel its implications to be very frightening. However, the Devil card is neither evil nor...

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The Death Card

The Death card is one of those cards that tend to scare people whenever they see it in a Tarot card reading. Naturally, most everyone is scared of death – either for themselves or for their loved ones. And every single time this card pops up in a reading, I end...

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The Tower Card

The Tower Card is one of the few cards in a Tarot card deck which can seem to be very scary. I find that when I get this card in a reading, my clients are often terrified by the image on this card. But I always end up telling them not to be scared or worried about...

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The Story Of Oedipus

The Chariot card in the Tarot deck is often linked to the story of Oedipus, a Greek Myth about a king who fulfilled a gruesome prophecy by killing his own father and subsequently marrying his own mother. Sigmund Freud has also immortalized this story by coining the...

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The Four Cardinal Virtues in Tarot

The presence of the four Cardinal Virtues in Tarot card images is one surprising discovery I made while I was researching for another article. To me, these images portray the Cardinal Virtues as specified in the Bible, and thus acquire a new meaning within the realm...

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The Story of Persephone

Hidden within the different symbols of the High Priestess card is the story of Persephone. Drawn from Greek Mythology, this story is a fascinating look into the hidden depths suggested by the High Priestess card. Today lets look into this story, and understand its...

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Archetypes in Tarot – The Wise Old Man

The wise old man archetype is one that is recognized by almost everyone! Everyone has seen a variety of depictions of this archetype everywhere – be it stories, or movies, or cartoons. Today, lets talk about how this archetype is represented in the Major Arcana of the...

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