For some time now, I have been having an interesting e-mail conversation with Kellee Maize, an amazing female rapper from Pittsburgh.

Kellee has released an amazing album called ‘Aligned Archetypes’ and I had the pleasure of ‘e-mail-talking’ to her about it.

When we study the Tarot cards, it is very natural to stumble onto the word ‘Archetypes’. Simply put, an Archetype is a typical example of a certain person or thing. It could be a recurring symbol or motif in literature, art or mythology. Jungian psychology defines Archetypes as ‘primitive mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors that is present in the collective unconscious’. 

Kellee has incorporated a variety of influences across the board – from her knowledge of Tarot to the energies of the Seven Chakras to the essence of Archetypes present within each of us – and has used the power of her amazing voice and poetry to create her wonderful album titled ‘Aligned Archetypes’.

I was truly lucky to have been able to talk to her about her influences, her involvement with Tarot, and of course, her take on her 5 Archetypes that she’s put up on her site!

Here is the transcript of our interview:


On your website you’ve mentioned that your album ‘Aligned Archetype’ was inspired by a Tarot card reading. Can you share that experience with me? What about the reading motivated you to come up with this album? Also, your album’s name: Aligned Archetype – how did you come about choosing this name for your album? What does it signify / mean to you?

Aligned Archetype’s (AA) is really just a unification of who I am in each moment. AA breaks down each Archetype based on Astrology, Personality, Intuition, Spirituality, & Ambition. Each one takes on a role of who I am. AA signifies as I have said before, a unification of each of my 5 main personalities. From the eco-friendly Ms. Apocolypse to the ambitious and hard working Nakturnal Lady, I am one with “everyone” I am.

Your music is really awesome as is your voice. I must say, I have listened to your album quite often these past few days. Can you tell me what are the different things that influence your music?

A lot of things influence me and my music everyday. From world politics, the environment, creating your reality, Quantum Physics, spirituality, meditation, Zeitgeist, Kymatica, and so many more. I believe that we are living in this world that we keep resisting who we are as human beings. I just genuinely believe that we can open this whole other part of our brains and “press restart” so to speak. We can be one with each other and the Earth again.

On your website, you’ve made these 5 Archetypes. Can you talk a little bit more about these archetypes of yours?

Ms. Apocalypse – This is very much the Eco Friendly Environmentalist in me. I believe that the Earth is a very powerful tool that is abused way too much. This side of me is a hardcore activist in what is right for our bodies and Mother Earth herself.

Nakturnal Lady – Nakturnal Lady is all about my company, Nakturnal, and creating an awakening. She is the total Capricorn side of me that sets out a structure, creates a plan, and then follows through on this. A quote I put on my website “working from 5 – 9 and 9 – 5″. I am always working, every minute of everyday. I am very involved in my company and my musical work.

Innerplanetary Fairy This is my more spiritual side that feels very “magical”. She represents peace, love, joy, humanity, and feeling the oneness of the universe. Very involved in Tarot, crystals, stones, meditating, yoga, and the ever-changing flow of life. She is more or less the hippy, “neo-hippy” as I call it, side of me.

Princess of Pittsburgh – I would say this is the fun party girl side…I would say she is more tame these days but, I also have a serious love affair with Pittsburgh.  It is one of my favorite places in the world and I really believe that it is a focal point in the world from a spiritual, music, and green perspective.

Mellee Kaize – This is sort of like my inner nerd. I love to learn and am really interested in studying theories about science, technology, numerology, astrology and even conspiracy theories. I love to learn about the world and how humans work and very much include this in my music!

How did you first get introduced to Tarot?

I was always intrigued but never lived near anywhere that I found readers or even cards to buy!  Then, I got a reading in college and it was spot on! I was hooked and a friend bought me my own set.

Do you also read the Tarot cards? If the answer to this one is yes, then which deck do you use?

Yes, but I also use a book to help me. I use the Goddess Tarot Deck.

Do you have / use any other decks?

Not really, I like them too much! 🙂

Which one is your favorite deck? Why?

I love the Goddess Deck because it teaches me constantly about archetypes and goddesses. It teaches me about the lost goddess culture and I find constant inspiration from the stories and representations that each of the goddesses have. I feel like I’m learning a lot about tarot cards and the divine feminine culture all at the same time.

On your site there are a few pictures of you posing with Tarot cards. Which deck is it?

The Goddess Deck 🙂

How have the Tarot cards influenced you, your music and your life?

It’s given me a lot of access to my subconscious, and spiritual energy around me when I’m doing readings. It has helped me feel more connected with my higher purpose and self

Your music talks a lot about energies and influencing your own energies with positive thoughts. Can you elaborate a bit more about these ideas?

I would say that anything that I classify as positive has a higher vibration. It makes me feel empowered. Anything that I classify as negative has the opposite affect. It’s almost like some things work, and some things don’t. I believe in the law of attraction and it seems that whatever I focus my energy and attention on expends, whether be it positive or negative energy. I don’t necessarily think that positive or negative is right or wrong, they are just two different types of energy, one that seems to bring amazing things into my life, and one that keeps me stuck. So I try to focus on higher frequencies and things that seem to work.



Well, you can learn more about Kellee Maize and the amazing work she does by visiting Kellee’s website. You can also download and listen to Kellee Maize’s album Aligned Archetype – for FREE, if I might add. Want to check out her seriously amazingly well done videos? Visit Kellee Maize’s You Tube Channel. Alternatively, you can ‘Like’ her FaceBook Page and even follow her on Twitter.

This incredible lady with her golden voice and amazing energy truly blew me away! Go Girl! 🙂

All the photos used in this blog post were taken by Laura Petrilla and have been used with permission as mentioned here. You can learn more about Laura and check out her work at MissLPhotography.Com.

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