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Tarot-Cards-SpreadLearn about my Tarot card reading Process. Book a Tarot Card Reading with Me and I can do your reading in-person (in Dumont, NJ), or over the phone, or Skype chat, or send you the audio recording of the Tarot Card Reading.

If you want to learn Tarot, I can teach you either in person, or via the phone or Skype Chat. Do get in touch with me, so that we can work out a mutually suitable schedule.

I do readings during the day time only. I don’t read the Tarot cards after sunset.

If you are based in India, and would prefer to connect with someone there, please check the pages for the Tarot Card Readers in Pune and Tarot Card Readers in India.

If you want to see other Tarot Card Readers in the NJ / NY area, here are some that I recommend.

books birdsIf you are the person who keeps sending me the Bible quotes:

Dude! Just stop! You’ve sent me the same message a 100 times already! I like Jesus too, okay. But I don’t think scaring people into following Him was part of His agenda.

Let me help you craft the copy for your messages – words that are warmer, non-scary, and open towards people who follow other belief systems. I can even give you a ‘regular visitor’ discount.

If there is anything that you would like to know, or anything else that you want to discuss before you Book a Tarot Card Reading with Me, feel free to drop me a line using the form below.

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